Digital Die Cutting

Set Your Marketing Collateral a ‘Cut’ Above the Rest. The Zünd die cutter adds a custom touch to any project.

Custom designs for your work to stand out? Consider our 5′ x 10’ flatbed die cutter.  This fully automated, digital cutting system creates cutouts of almost any size or shape. It applies CNC routing and cutting technology to your one-of-a-kind signage, cardboard packaging or displays.

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Zund Overview

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Die Cutting Deliverables

A short list of items we can develop for you with die cutting:

  • Custom packaging & Boxes
  • Display Boards
  • Exhibits
  • Frames & Furniture
  • Manufacturing prototypes & 3D Models
  • Architectural Models
  • Signage & Presentation Boards
“We called Cushing for die cutting services and they didn’t disappoint. Their team was helpful, responsive and consulted us on the best way to fulfill the project.”
Get Creative With Die Cutting

Contour Cuts
Ever wondered how a life size person in a printed cut out is printed flush? To achieve this effect, die cutting is machine operated to eliminate human error.

Die Cut Counter Displays
More than 80% of consumers make buying decisions after entering a store.
Use die cutting to brainstorm displays that attract new customers.

Custom Signage
Cut out logos and company name to achieve a translucent effect.

Michael Wick
“I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the panels your company printed and the positive reaction from them that we received by all who saw them this past weekend. Your help was much appreciated and the quick turn-around amazing. I would gladly recommend Cushing to others interested in using your services.”
Die Cutting Projects In Another State?

Are you visiting us from a city other than Chicago? No problem!

Chances are we can assist with your project. Ask us about our ReproMAX partner network, which offers print & project help in the US and internationally. Daily we help clients fulfill projects in regions other than Chicagoland. Ask us how!

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To Do Or Die Cut

Die Cut Postcards
Make your piece see through or add rounded corners. A unique printed piece is three times more likely to be read by a consumer.

Directional Arrows
Use custom die cut vinyl, wayfinding signage to point people in the right direction.

Exterior Signs
More than 70% of all shoppers enter a business because of outdoor signage.


A Die Cut Above the Rest

In a competitive market such as Chicago, you need to apply out-of-the-box thinking to set yourself apart from market. Speaking of boxes, print your packaging design on flat corrugated cardboard then crease and cut it to make your final prototype. With our Zund digital die cutter, you avoid costly setup fees associated with custom dies!

Seeing is believing

Want to see our digital die cutter in action? We’d love to have you in for a tour! Contact us to schedule your visit to the shop.

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Digital Requirements and Next Steps
What’s Required to Go Digital for Die Cutting?
  • Create die lines to communicate where the die cutting machine needs to cut, score or perforate your media.
  • Easily accomplished in either in Adobe® Illustrator® or Adobe® Photoshop®.
  • You add a cut path to your image file in Illustrator or use an alpha channel in Photoshop.
  • Accomplished using software which adds a bar code and visual guiding targets around your image (you will require 2-3”of border).
  • Marks direct the die cutting equipment to make precision cuts to your project.

We run the Zünd to digitally crease, perforate and shape your die cut collateral.



Consider These Material Choices for Die Cutting
  • Foam: (3/16″ – 1/2″)
  • Gator: (3/16″ – 1/2″)
  • Sintra: (3mm – 6mm)
  • Acrylic: (1/8″ – 1/4″)
  • Styrene: (point .20, .30, .40, .60)
  • Coroplast (4 mm, 10 mm)
  • Falcon board (3/16″, ½”)
  • Bio board: 1/2″ (straight cut only)
  • Single- and double-ply Crescent board
  • Di-Bond/ Alu-panel, Aluminum-poly substrate (3 – 4mm)
  • Vinyl banner material
  • Adhesive custom vinyl lettering cutouts
  • Adhesive vinyl for wall graphics and signage
  • Aluminum .040″ (not recommended for large cutting runs)
  • Various chip board or card stock media
  • Plywood
Kiss Cutting

Kiss Cutting is a process in which using vector paths in a file allow us to cut a sticker out of a larger sheet of material without cutting into the backing. This process can be used for doing multiple stickers up on a sheet so you can then peel off as needed, or it can also be used for vinyl cut lettering.

With the vinyl cut letter process, we kiss cut the material, weed out the negative space and then apply a transfer tape to the top. This then makes for easy removal of all pieces from the backing sheet when applying to glass or a wall.



Ready to Work With Your Cushing Team?

Stay a cut above your competition by digital die cutting your next project. From rounded corners to intricate designs, the Cushing team is ready to assist! Let’s Discuss Digital Die Cutting.

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