Digital Document Management Services

Cushing offers three affordable options of Web based software solutions.

All were designed your AEC workflow in mind. Enjoy the benefits of having easy access to any kind of digital files, securely, 24/7. More importantly, your team saves hours of coordination time while substantially reducing your printing costs! Look at these highlights:


Distribute and Manage Files Around the World

ReproMAX DFS — Online Document Management System

  • Simple process for viewing, sharing and ordering plans
  • Customizable project websites
  • Automatically track current drawings with full version control
  • Efficient method for distributing files and printing around the world
  • Convenient audit trail of document activity
  • Project close-out tools
Project Management

ReproMAX PDM — A Comprehensive Project Management Solution

  • Designed for the entire project life-cycle
  • Powerful bid management workflow
  • Integrated prequalification tools
  • Complete submittal management
  • Dynamic contact management designed specifically for the construction industry
  • Directly integrate with the McGraw-Hill Construction Network

Cushing is proud to present green solutions to our clients whenever possible.

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