Fine Art Printing

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When it comes to fine art printing, it’s all in the details.

There are a number of fine art printing companies in the Chicago area. When it comes to your fine art printing, we have your best interests in mind and an experienced production team ready to exceed expectations. We invite you to visit us for a tour to see our fine art printing capabilities and meet the people who can assist you with fine art printing.

“Time is a major component of my print needs and Cushing has always bent over backwards for me. Their team does phenomenal work and do their best to provide the best options for your business.”
Why Choose Digital Fine Art Printing?

Commercial Resale
Our most particular clients spend several hours testing on canvas, fine art papers and specialty materials before their print runs. We go through the steps required before placing larger orders for resale in furniture stores, hotels, or healthcare facilities.

Retail Sales
Sell more prints at festivals, trade shows, galleries or local businesses such as coffee shops. This is one of the major ways we help local artists like you. Many artists who connect with Cushing want to make a transition and start selling their fine art on a larger basis.

Gallery installation
We understand the delicate nature of this type of opportunity and do our best to help you. We have done a number of specialty panels, gallery wrapped prints, and sourced framing for our clients.

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“To Cushing & Christine, Thank you for the beautiful job on my new exhibit at the library. I was quite nervous ordering a 450% enlargement, but the result was crystal clear and just perfect. The library initially approached me because I handed out several gorgeous Cushing miniatures of my paintings to the library staff, so Cushing got me in! Keep up the great work, guys.”
Fine Art Printing Color Management

Cushing’s 12-color pigmented ink jet printers use the latest in sophisticated color-management technology to produce high-resolution, high-definition prints. We offer a selection of high quality papers and canvases to correspond to the exceptional aesthetic demands of our discerning clientele. Digital fine art printing is our specialty and we want your end product to be exceptional.

Expert Color System

Throughout the process, expert adjustments are made to successfully transition images from you own unique color work flow system to ensure your desired output. This is a critical piece of the fine art printing process.

Your eye is your eye – and while no two people see things the same, our team will work tirelessly to get as close to your end goal. Careful file preparation, review of proof prints and collaborative communication with your fine arts print consultant will help avoid costly missteps and ensures high quality results.

“I've worked with dozens of printers in Chicago and the customer service we received with Cushing was unbeatable. Their team was easy to work with, offered invaluable advice on our complicated art printing needs and were able to complete last minute projects in a timely manner.”
Commercial Fine Art Applications

Are you looking for commercial art to hang in your restaurant, hotel or commercial business? Perfect!

We are happy to assist with these types of fine art printing projects. While Cushing does not sell artist prints, if you have a working relationship with an artist and have a print, it’s as simple as supplying it (or have the fine artist connect with Cushing and we can consult on the fine art printing process.

Fine Art by Chicago Artist Karen Powell

A majority of the time, we recommend giclée printing services to reach the desired end goal. Other fine art printing options are available, just ask us! You’re an expert in what you do. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, we’ll do our best to help achieve your goals.

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