Warm Welcome Back

Graphics Make People Happy.

Create a warm welcome as your team comes back to the workplace.

Environment is Everything

We know the world is a crazy place right now. As you prepare to come back to the office, we’d love to help! From start-ups to family businesses, see how others are preparing a safe, welcome environment.

There are people actually that miss traffic. Imagine how excited they will be to come back to the office.

We can help you create a warm welcome.

Positive Messaging

Attract top talent. And add positive messaging to your environment.

Many clients request word walls, similar to the one pictured from Scout Exchange. They add atmosphere and of course, great as photo backdrops! As we all come back to the workplace, your employees will benefit from the enthusiasm.

Office Workstation Shields

Help your team feel at ease with protection shields at individual workstations.

The Cushing team was unbelievably responsive. The flow of communication between their teams was organized, and if I had any last-minute questions or needed someone to go to the office for a quote, they responded immediately. Even during the holiday season I was provided with assistance and urgency. Working with Cushing made my job go more smoothly, and Valerie was great!”
Keep it Fun

Brands large and small invest in branding.

Pictured is the Portillo’s team, full of joy, after a training session at their corporate office.

Rebecca MacDonald, Brand Manager at Portillo's
“I really appreciated that Christine got on the phone with me right away to talk through my ideas. She seemed genuinely excited to help us with our project. It meant a lot to me to have somebody who felt more like a partner and really took initiative to see everything through.”

If these walls could talk, they would tell your company story.

That’s the strategy pictured here. IFYC shares their company timeline for guests and employees. It makes an impact long after people have gone home for the evening, or after a corporate visit. As we transition back, surprise your team with a splash of branding and company history.

Bring them back to a bright workplace.
Options to Social Distance

Graphic Options to Collaborate with Ease.

Let's Make a Memorable Return

Reunite the team and encourage smiles.

As we come back to our workspaces, no matter the environment, we want to help. As video calls finally transition to office visit, create a space that welcomes staff and guests. Invest in your team and brand.

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Merry Team Members at Mosaic

The team at Mosaic installed graphics in their new West Loop office.

The “Dojo” quickly became a fun meeting room for all.

An Office All Are Proud to Enter

Your team is proud to be a part of your brand.

Let’s create an experience that welcomes guests and creates a warm environment for the people that make your company stand out.

“Cushing played such a large role in helping us brand our office. It was a great experience working with their team. They went above and beyond to make our ideas a reality.”

Prevent the spread of germs with graphics that encourage proper ‘one way’ traffic flow.

Simple 32 lb construction paper can easily be installed with painters tape. Ask us about floor graphics to keep your guests and team moving in the right direction.

Showcase Your Mission

Communicate your mission.

As you prepare to bring your team back, share messaging that motivates. Departments within our office shared ideas to bring these graphics to life.

From the Cushing team to yours, hope you are staying safe and healthy.

Just like you, we value our team and look forward to having everyone back in the office. We’d love an opportunity to add joy to your office space through branded graphics.

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