Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services to keep in house projects on target and challenges to a minimum.

Cushing has provided Managed Print Services to architectural, engineering, and construction firms since the 1980’s. With over 30 years of experience, you can trust our trained staff to be on-site and on-call to meet the printing needs of you and your employees.

Why Consider Managed Print Services?
  • Sometimes, a quick print is all you need.
  • Your business never sleeps—if a problem arises the day before a deadline, you require an employee available for 24/7 technical support, immediate service repair, or the replenishment of supplies at any given time.
  • Has a printing issue caused you to miss a deadline or forced your staff to spend more time troubleshooting?

Consider hiring a Cushing employee to manage all of your company’s print related tasks on location. We make certain every consideration is accounted and running smoothly, daily, monthly or on an annual basis. Put our years of experience, relationships, and expertise to work for you.

Impeccable Service. Randy Johnson is my hero. Not only does he catch my mistakes but he fixes them with a smile. Thanks a lot Randy you’re the best. Scott Johnson  ”
What Managed Print Services Provide
  • Address your large and small format printing needs immediately.
  • If the volume of printing justifies the need for someone from outside the office, Cushing offers services that most offices may not have hand, such as mounting.
  • On-site printing personnel can collaborate with your team to introduce multiple printers to new employees, or teach inexperienced employees to operate newer equipment.
  • We know how well each manufacturer’s products perform and which companies are currently providing the best technology solutions. Cushing staff has practical hands on experience and a knowledge base of printing specialties to help you.
  • Minimize demands on your IT Department and allow a trained professional to manage all the printing equipment and software.
  • Prevent costly errors. Staff can offer recommendations or work with you in the moment on color corrections and formatting without having to deliver proofs for approval.

Our personnel enjoy what they do. Let us do our job, so you can focus on the job you enjoy.

When Is It Time To Consider My Own Large Format Printer?

Anyone who wants a color inkjet printer for home use can choose from a variety of models with a variety of benefits. If you spend a lot of time in the office, why not consider a large format color scanner/printer?

We offer:

  • Print for pay programs
  • Machines for outright purchase
  • Equipment that can be leased

Built in tracking software records the amount of material and ink used on your equipment from day one. You can easily project supply requirements and evaluate the overhead on the printer.

After assessing your needs, Cushing can supply you with an appropriate printer (or printers) from the best brands in the imaging industry. If you need a large format printer for a project, satellite office or just for the convenience, we want to be the partner who supplies that for you.

I would like to nominate Bruce Luckett of the Cushing Rosemont office for doing a fantastic job in all of his efforts.  He consistently delivers final products with efficiency, quality, and timeliness.  It is my personal belief that he deserves to be rewarded for his efforts.
We Won't Mail it In

More Than Mailroom Support

When you bring in Cushing to manage your printing, we are happy to include additional duties. Invoicing or simply lending an extra set of hands to wipe off a few tables, your managed print professional is also a dedicated team member, fulfilling additional tasks, large or small. Running prints to dispatching messengers, keep your mind at ease during peak activity. Your onsite consultant is ready to pitch in.



Managed Print Considerations
You must have the capacity to run at peak volumes. When centralized print services become over-taxed or under-utilized it affects the bottom line. Don’t over-equip or over-staff: we can make certain your operation is the “right size” because we can support your peak workflow with backup from our commercial shops.
We also have the ability to track every print and provide the cost back to you in amazing detail with time saving reports. Our comprehensive programs are tailored to meet your objectives and keep your operations on track. Cushing understands your business is always changing. Creating regular reports of your printing program, allows us to adjust your evolving business needs.
It was only in the past 15 years that color printing technology became available for personal use. Without the rapid evolution of printing technology it would not be financially feasible to own Your Own Large Format Printer. Now that this equipment is available to you, allow one of our knowledgeable staff members to help you maintain your valuable equipment, and ensure that you are using it to its fullest potential.
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