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We offer prints with full french cleat back frames among a variety of panel printing options.

Np matter your need, we can assist with the right panel box solution for you.

Need Panel Printing?

Cushing’s investment in a flatbed printer allows us to print sharp, colorful, continuous tone images directly onto panels and custom constructed boxes up to 2″ deep. Substrates can range from 16″ x 20″, up to a maximum size of 48″ x 96″.

“Everyone at Cushing is super nice and very responsive. I never have to worry about getting a delivery, prompt service and always on time. I order prints from you guys on a daily basis – Great Job Cushing Team!!! Keep up the great work.”
Expertise Is Important to the Panel Process

Panel Prints are durable, inexpensive wall décor prints suitable for almost any environment. They portray a sleek, simple design effect that is easily cared for. For interior décor, these prints can be mounted directly to the wall, hung from the ceiling, installed with stand-off hardware or floated with offset hardware.

With the addition of liquid laminate, UV finish, panel prints are ideal for high traffic, exterior applications. There are a number of framing options available. For example, there are different types of cleats for different applications.

Temporary to permanent installation, call us to discuss the purpose of your panel project. This will help us guide you to the optimal substrate solution and determine the right framing option for your installation.

If your potential panel print is over 24” x 36”, let’s discuss.

Send us a quote request and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

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