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OneGoal Graduation

Education to environmental branding, OneGoal selected Cushing for their creative office graphics project.

Account Manager: Josette O’Neil 
Customer Service Heroes: Rachel Batman, Anjelica Garcia & John Nelson
Project Manager: Julia Kaufman 
Project Coordinator: Jessica Alessi Kim
Writer and Photography: Jon Davis

Graphics to Goals

OneGoal works to close the college degree divide between students from low-income communities and their peers from high-income areas. How do they achieve this? By partnering with high schools to offer a unique, scalable solution built into the school day.  OneGoal is taught by great educators already working in their school buildings and prioritizes young people whose college prospects are limited due to socioeconomic and academic barriers.

Goals To Growth

In just ten years, OneGoal has grown from thirty-two students in one city to some 12,000 students in six regions. Danielle Durante is the Senior Director of Operations, National for OneGoal, and a four-year veteran of the team. Staff has nearly quadrupled in size during this time and Durante assisted with the Chicago headquarters buildout.

Up next? Branding the national headquarters space.

One Connection

Through an introduction from local architecture firm, Garnett Architects, Durante was in touch with the Cushing team. Account manager Josette O’Neil was soon on-site, taking measurements and discussing installation goals.

How important was this personal touch?

“What sealed it was Josette coming in – and talking through the vision. And quickly! She visited when the space was still under construction. She gave recommendations on size, scale, and seemed to understand what we had in mind before we mentioned.”

Trusting Josette and the Cushing team from “the very beginning,” the project is a colorful mix of vinyl wall graphics, a large (and impossible to ignore) map of the United States, and timeline that shares OneGoal’s story.  How could we forget to mention the printed and framed conference room photos?

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Frame The Conversation

Framed prints pepper the conference room walls, including smiling faces of educators and students. Images make an impact on both staff and guests.

“They get a kick out of seeing themselves on the wall,” says Durante. “It definitely makes people feel special!”

Words of Wisdom

From educators to students, several quotes appear throughout the space, in the form of vinyl cut graphics. OneGoal’s marketing team selected the inspirational lines to adorn the walls.

They include folks who have personally experienced the positive effects of the organization.

Fun Fact

Since the buildout and graphics installation, OneGoal has become a popular destination in their building.

Potential tenants and visitors tour the space. OneGoal uses the opportunities to discuss their mission how the design came together!

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Creative Cartography

Visuals tell a story and the OneGoal map is no exception. The graphic displays regions OneGoal is making a difference in, around the United States. It is a reminder of ambitious plans OneGoal has in place for the next five years:

“first, to attain a 60% graduation rate among Fellows; second, grow to support more than 25,000 students directly; and third, develop new delivery models to dramatically grow our reach.”

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Sharing Success

Design, collaboration, and a defined goal (no pun intended) all play into a successful installation. It also helped develop a process for other cities. OneGoal plans to share lessons with offices around the country.

“This office graphics project has provided a template for what a branded space can do for us. Especially with bringing a vision to life. From understanding the right time, to leverage our marketing resources to working with construction, it will absolutely help us understand how to do this right in other cities.”
Danielle Durante, Senior Director of Operations, National, OneGoal

Crossing The Finish Line

Cushing developed a custom timeline to work around slight delays in construction. Working with construction crews kept things moving forward.

Last minute signs for the conference room were addressed without issues.

“Overall, we are really happy with how the project turned out. The office graphics look custom and personally fit our organization. It brought the voices of our students and teachers to life.”
Dani Durante Discusses Wall Graphics
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