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Ron Kittle Inc.

Ron Kittle and Cushing hit the ball out of the park with this custom display case for Mark Buehrle and the Chicago White Sox!

Account Manager: Christine Fetting
Customer Service Hero: Amanda Snyder
Fabrication Experts : Mariano Montes and Steve Trickey
Writer & Photos: Catie Duffy, Christine Fetting and Ron Vesely

Play Ball!

Chicago White Sox fans know and love Mark Buehrle. After all, there are few pitchers who can boast pitching a perfect game (only 23 in MLB history!).

When the Sox planned to retire Buehrle’s jersey at “Buehrle Day” on June 24, 2017, they had a few thoughts about how to thank him for a job well done.
The Perfect Gift

The Chicago White Sox commissioned Ron Kittle, Chairman of Ron Kittle Charities, Ambassador for the Chicago White Sox, and 1983 American League Rookie of the Year, to create a commemorative piece for Buehrle.

Kittle may have retired from baseball (a former White Sox player himself), but he’s still one busy guy.

As an artist, he designs sports art pieces and other creative items (including custom benches). Most of his work consists of commissioned sculptures and limited artistic pieces.

Artistic All-Star

Kittle says he’s always designed and created things, even in his MLB days. Projects range from simple designs, to gifts and award-winning pieces. When it comes to his work, his philosophy is simple:

“When you have the best tools, a creative mind, and CONFIDENCE you can do anything!”

Cushing Gets Kittled

Kittle was introduced to Cushing by Account Manager Christine Fetting. The two have worked together in the past, and have become good friends over the years.

Kittle came in to discuss the Buehrle project and even signed a few autographs for Cushing Sox fans!
Making Our Case

The project was one that Kittle had done before – a display case holding baseballs arranged in Buehrle’s number fifty-six.

Some balls had the Sox logo on them, others represented milestones in Buehrle’s life and career. Having a great relationship with Christine Fetting was a huge help during the production process.

“There were questions along the way, but knowing Christine Fetting, we discussed everything that came up so there weren’t any major challenges or issues. I showed Cushing my design and how to move forward, and they did a great job. I expected nothing but the best, because I expect the best out of me. Very pleased with the start to finish.”
The Big Reveal

When Buehrle Day finally came at Guaranteed Rate Field, the piece was unveiled by Chicago White Sox Chairman of the Board Jerry Reinsdorf.

You can watch the entire ceremony here (or skip ahead to 21:25 to see the Kittle/Cushing project being unveiled!)

Game Changer

Did Cushing hit one out of the park? Kittle thought so:

“Cushing did a wonderful job, and I expected nothing but the best. The time table was right on target, which is a key component of my decision to move forward with them. I am 100% sure Cushing will be involved in many of my future designs.”

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