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Tired of circling the block to find parking?

SpotHero is here to save the day.

Spot On

Based in Chicago, book your spot from anywhere using their website or on-demand mobile app. Beyond convenience, they can potentially provide discounted parking rates in Chicagoland and a growing number of cities, including ChicagoNew York, San Francisco, Boston and more.

Hunting for their own printing service superheroes, their team toured Cushing after a timely Google search.
Your Parking Heroes

Exceptional customer experience is at the core of SpotHero. Their very first printed project?  Mitigating user error in an affiliate parking garage to help drivers access parking spots as quickly as possible.

Specifically, customers reserving spots in their Grand Plaza partner lot were having trouble scanning reservations to access the garage.
To the Rescue

Customer errors decreased 95% after sticker installation.

Seeing Spots

User experience expert Theresa Charleston and Sales GM Rich Reising, came to the rescue. After investigating, they determined a majority of users were holding mobile phones out to be scanned, but missing a crucial step: Phones were not being held face up!  Reising noted when mobile phones touched below the scanning area face up, barcodes scanned 100% of the time.

She tapped her user experience superpowers to create a strategically placed sticker.


Need a spotter?

Material was key (not the type of key to run your ignition, of course!). Account manager Josette O’Neil and Charleston collaborated to determine the right adhesive label to last over the long term. Experimenting with pantone colors on the production floor ensured the messaging would attract attention.

Cushing’s customer team spent extra time to help provide an extraordinary solution.
“Proximity to our office, best website presentation, expedience of response to inquiries and the very attentive representatives at Cushing.”
The Results?

Upon installation (and as of this writing), user error has dropped approximately 95%!

The signs continue navigating customers and keep confusion to a minimum.
“Yes! My experience with your team convinced me to leverage your services for our next project! Nuff’ said!”
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