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Yelp Chicago Merchandise Mart

Looking for something to Yelp about?

Interior graphics put a stamp on their new Chicago office.

Yelp Reception Wall Graphics
Quite a Reception

Peppy, provocative and fun, quips adorn the main welcome area walls. Graphics draw attention and reflect the personality of the brand.

Cushing printed and installed.

3M IJ40 for the wall graphics with matte face laminate

3D Lit Sign

Beyond the main area, visitors are drawn into the main office by an impossible-to-ignore 3D Yelp sign.

Cushing sourced and installed the hardware.

Complementing the custom wall graphics, it makes an incredible statement.
3D Lit Sign at Yelp Office
Training and Conference Window Graphics
Conference and Training Rooms

For breakouts and brainstorms, privacy vinyl was installed in offices, conference rooms and training rooms. Team members can collaborate without interruption.

Graphics extend the brand throughout the office.

Material: 3M Dusted crystal

Yelp Project Next Phase

After this first project phase was completed, Cushing had the opportunity to complete additional graphic work.

See below for more photos.

More Images from the Next Project Phase

The Cushing team visited Yelp for additional facet of this environmental branding project.

See below for additional photos.

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