Understanding Weeding & Film Options

Find out about printed and unprinted films, as well as project weeding options.

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Glazed and Enthused - Unprinted Film

Want decorative film for interior doors or windows without providing a print-ready design? This type of installation is referred to as glazing.

Typically, we schedule a site survey, take measurements, and provide an estimate. Your typical glazing could come from a number of manufacturers such as 3M, Oracal, Mactac, Solyx, and could include a number of finishes in varying levels of privacy.

Get Creative with Custom Cut Film

Blend privacy with creativity. Like what you see? This frosted map uses 3M Dusted crystal.

3M Dusted Crystal With Custom Cut Map

get more ideas from our Large Privacy Film Gallery

From Dust Till Dawn - Printed Film

Adding a creative touch to custom printed privacy film? No problem.

Once your design is ready, let’s schedule a site survey and determine the best path to print and install your film.  There are many ways to add color and incorporate branding into your decorative film project. Cushing prints directly to films such as MacTac, Oracal, and 3M dusted crystal.

Media Options

We typically carry: 48” inch and 60” inch rolls of dusted crystal, 48” inch rolls of Mactac Frosted, and special purchase from Solyx.

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Dust in the Wind - Cut and Weeded Pre-Colored film

Looking for an existing design or pattern idea?

Options abound for film that is pre-colored which has tasteful patterns. Films can be custom cut to unveil your brand, messaging, room names, company culture and much more. Similar to above, materials to consider include Oracal, 3M and Avery. As with any onsite installation, projects go smoothly with a site survey.  Let’s put pep in your privacy film project.

Dust a Few More Things to Consider - Printed, Cut and Weeded Film

Adding flair to your privacy film project?

You’ve hit upon the hat trick: printed, cut and weeded decorative film.  Print direct for an array of color and creativity. With precision and care, designs are custom cut to fit your vision. Materials include 3M and avery films. The Cushing team is ready to help with your questions. Schedule a time to talk.

Privacy Film Across Windows Groupon
What's Weeding All About?

Learn more about this essential part of the production process.

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Video Weeding Privacy Film

What is Privacy Film Weeding in the Office

Weeding privacy film has nothing to do with your garden! Learn more about the process we use for office projects.

Keep It Simple

As the title implies, these are less complicated film weeding projects.

For example, they include letters and shapes with contours at least 2-3” (inches) wide. This is the bottom tier of time and labor investment for weeding material. It does require manual cutting of your project which is a hands-on task, completed by your Cushing production team.

It is priced at $0.90 per square foot or $108 per hour.

All in Moderation

This is the next tier of weeding. It includes letters, shapes, contours that are about one inch 1” wide.

Projects have several curves or cut-outs that need to be addressed. For example, a triangle shape inside the graphic. For letters, this may include an Capital A or D-shaped cut-out in the letter. This is priced at $1.75/ SF  or $140 per hour. As with any rush or quick turn project scenario, there will be fees associated.

Detailed Weeding of Office Privacy Vinyl

These are projects that require a sophisticated level of weeding.

Letters, shapes and contours are tight-lined (less than ¾” of an inch), with very small and intricate areas to weed out.  Small cut-outs require very detailed and delicate effort to complete. This runs $3.25 per SF or $225 per hour

Any rush requests or considerations will require extra fees to complete.

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