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Quality brochures start conversations and put services in the palm of your customer.

Use at trade shows, mail them or hand to clients.

We’ll take care of the printing.

You manage the messaging. We’ll take care of the printing. What’s more effective than handing your potential contact a summary of your business? Brochures are versatile and reveal just enough information to interest your potential customer. What happens next? They reference your brochure for contact information.  And call or email your sales team.

“Our company has been using Cushing as our go-to printer for over two years and they have constantly provided outstanding customer service and quality products. We have printed everything from half page flyers, to trifold brochures and large acrylic logo installations. Cushing offers quality paper selections and has always done their best to meet tight deadlines and quick turn with their Konica Minolta Accuriopress. I would, without a doubt, recommend Cushing to anyone looking for a dedicated, high quality printer.”
Brochures Without Borders

Looking for brochure printing outside of the Chicago area? You are in the right place.

With partners across the country (and some overseas), Cushing can assist with your project through the RMX Network. We want to hear from you! Call 312.266.8228 or complete the quote form.

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Clients Share Their Experience Ordering Brochures and Working With Cushing

Curious about pricing for your next brochure?


“Just over a year ago, we began the process of re-branding and changing our name, logo and all our promotional materials. Cushing, and Josette O'Neil in particular, were instrumental in helping us get the word out. From new business cards to brochures, every request has been handled with personal attention and a sense of urgency. I highly recommend the Cushing team for any printing project.”
Brochures Bridge Messaging

Showcase your product, highlight a service or promote your company with a brochure.You name the occasion and chances are a brochure can be a creative complement. When marketing your business, on a day-to-day basis or for special events, Cushing can professionally print brochures to attract and convince your target audience to choose you. Annually, we print thousands of brochures and each project receives personalized service. We can’t wait to hear about yours.

Make Your Brochure Boast-Worthy!

Add customer testimonials to your next tri-fold brochure!

This social proof speaks directly to your customer – because its real feedback!
When possible, use client images or headshots
Request permission to list their name and title (builds trust!)
Ask if they will include specifics on how you solved a challenge or provided excellent customer service.

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“Cushing is a great team team to work with. Their team goes above and beyond other printing companies to understand customer needs. They have helped me with quick-turn brochures for clients and no matter the rush, they always come through. They solve customer problems!”
Dan Gershenson Headshot

For over 80 years Cushing has been proud to partner with the Chicago business community.

What types of customers do we work with? It runs the gamut, from graphic designers and art directors to marketing departments. Each day we hear from growing companies to established brands. Your Cushing team is here to exceed expectations.

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“As the Sponsorship Chair for the SMPS Heartland Regional Conference, I had the pleasure of working with Cushing for all of our printing needs. From the conference brochures, event signage, step and repeats and speaker surveys, their work was fantastic. The Cushing team was incredible, especially with tight deadlines and last minute requests. I can say without a doubt that the entire conference team would strongly recommend Cushing for any project, print or otherwise.”
Happy Cushing Customer, Jennifer Kilgore.
Brochures Printed for Protein Bar
Brochures Add Bang

In the world of marketing and advertising, brochures work. Adding a brochure to your efforts is a small addition to your routine, with big potential. For instance:

  • Prospect Follow Up Help your business development team keep the conversation going. “Just have something I would like to drop off. Would you have a couple of minutes to chat?”
  • Full Color Graphics Allow your potential customers to imagine their Company using your service
  • Create opportunities for questions
Brochure Template Ideas From Our Production Team

Don’t template … oops … temper your expectations.

Check out popular brochure templates and examples below, including tri fold and gate folds.

Brochure Template Examples from Cushing

And if you have any questions on brochures or typical layouts, give us a call. 312.266.8228

Konica on the Shop Floor at Cushing
Tri Folds, Gatefolds and More on the Konica Accuriopress

One of the machines we use to print brochures, is the Konica Accuriopress.

It boasts stellar color, and from from tri-fold to gatefold brochures, will make your marketing materials look marvelous!

Learn more about the machine 

Different Brochures and Goals

Leave Behinds/Sales Support Sales leaves these with prospects after an in-person meeting

Point-of-Sale Customers take brochures with them to learn more about your company and promos

Response Your prospect doesn’t have time for a meeting? Mail them a brochure.

Direct Mail Use a targeted mailing list to deliver your message directly to your customer

Printed Brochures Montage
Tri Fold Brochure Example
Tri Fold Brochures Option

Ready to hit the trifecta, or hat trick for any hockey fans out there. This brochure format is popular because of the sheer surface area available for promotion. Three different interior panels provide ample opportunity for your marketing messages. And don’t ignore the exterior or outside panels! The Indigo press is great for this type and our Konica lets you communicate it all in an oversize print. Ask us what’s best!

Bi-Fold Brochures

Bi-folds are another effective layout and nope, doesn’t have anything to do with bifocal glasses.

It has the feel of a booklet, but the page count is vastly different as you’re essentially summing up offerings in two pages. However, you can add graphics and sales information to the front and back cover. As you design, don’t forget the basics such as adding phone, website, address and contact email!

Gate fold Brochure Sample
Gatefold Brochure Example

Shaped like a gate – yes, as in what you might find at the front of castle, just without a moat.

It can be lightweight, and is a versatile brochure. With many panels, its an opportunity to promote a product line, grand opening, update to your brand (insert your idea here!). it is compact enough to be shared at reception areas, in your storefront, on a rack, at trade shows and so much more.

Parallel Fold

Folded once and then folded a second time, this gives you EIGHT! Yes, EIGHT panels to promote your company offerings. Different panels to communicate your marketing and sales messages. Calling all ambitious marketers, business owners and graphic designers. In all seriousness, it’s another great option to keep your brand on the mind of your client and potential customers.

Parallel Fold Brochure Option
“I’ve been working with Cushing for over two years to print my greeting cards and a variety of other print projects. I love their ability to source unique paper stocks (I’m picky) and provide a wide variety of printing options and the quality on their Indigo press is outstanding. They provide "out of the box" solutions that you just don’t receive from most commercial printing. I work directly with their rep team who respond quickly to all my questions. They truly work hard to deliver the best in printing and put customer relationships first.”
Z Fold Brochure Option
Z Fold Brochure Option

The last letter of the alphabet is also a folded brochure with lots of space to promote your services, products and more.

Yes, it is shaped like the letter – however you need to be looking from the bottom or top to see the shape! It’s a brochure type is sure to keep your customers talking about your company!

Accordion Fold

Yes, this is named after an obscure instrument which makes the rounds at polka-themed events. This brochure type gets its name from many available folds, to promote your message. Hey, at least it’s not a mandolin fold? Or tuba fold? Or … you get the idea.

Pro tip: received new positive customer feedback? consider asking them if you can add their positive testimonial to your brochure!
Standard Sizing and Pricing

The standard tri-fold brochure is made out of a letter-sized page (8.5” x 11”) which results in a folded brochure measuring 3.7″ x 8.5″. The maximum sheet size for small format printing is 13” x 19”.

Choose from both text weight and cover weight options to complete your project. We recommend a cover weight option for a nice finished piece. Inquire about both on our quote form.

“Our brochures came together beautifully and we received numerous compliments throughout the event. If you are looking for brochure printing services in Chicago, you need to give Cushing a call.”
Laying out your brochure?

Want a brochure design to stand out and keep people talking? Paper makes the difference. Whether it’s by using especially large or very small paper sheets, utilize unique folding techniques or include an unexpected graphic or design. We’ll help you figure out the best way to showcase your unique ideas.

Brochures are just the Beginning
Ready to Talk With Us?

Know when to hold them, know when to fold them – Z-fold to tri-fold or custom ideas, we offer a bevy of brochure options – where do you start? Glad you asked. Connect with Cushing for questions or a price estimate.

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