Case Study: Dutch Farms

Cushing collaborated with Dutch Farms Cheese, a purveyor of farm fresh cheeses, to drive foot traffic to their IDDBA trade show booth. We invite you to read through the case study below and connect with us to enhance your next marketing campaign.

Goals and Objectives
  • Generate trade show attendee traffic to the Dutch Farms booth at IDDBA 2012.
  • Test use of PURLs as a response mechanism and track direct mail.
Campaign Architecture

A personalized postcard using Variable Data Printing was mailed to approximately 2,000 registered show attendees (Foreign and Domestic). The list was provided by the IDDBA, printing and mailing was handled by the designated mail house, AM Mailing. Dutch Farms provided creative and the postcard dropped four weeks prior to the show.

[Josette was] a dream to work with and Cushing was incredibly professional and responsive as a business partner.

Marketing Director, Dutch Farms


Cushing developed the overall outreach:

  • PURL generation
  • Customized landing pages
  • Follow-up triggers
  • Coordinated all aspects of printing and mailing fulfillment
  • Support and reporting throughout the campaign

The postcard promoted the Dutch Farms booth location and encouraged recipients to visit their Personalized URL (PURL) to redeem a $10 Visa gift card.

Before the Show | Direct Mail Piece (Front)

Dutch Farms Invite Front

Before the Show | Direct Mail Piece (Back)

Dutch Farms Invite Back

On the landing page, visitors were greeted by name, prompted with a survey and a request to provide their contact information (email address and phone number.)

Landing Page | Survey

Dutch Farms Landing Page

Their response was followed up by a thank you email as an additional touch.

Tracking Lead Reports

The Cushing Cross Media team pulled lead reports with each response, detailing PURL data collection, i.e., survey answers, email and phone numbers. Real-time data presented immediate follow up opportunities for the sales team.

Pre-Show Followup

A few days prior to the show, an email reminder was sent to recipients that visited their PURL. They were reminded to visit the Dutch Farms booth to pick up their Visa Gift Card at the show. A separate link took them to more information on Dutch Farms products.

Post-Show Followup

After the show, a follow up email was sent thanking people for visiting. Attendees that did not stop by the booth were lead again to their PURL and asked to submit a mailing address so the visa gift card could be sent to them. Additional contacts with email addresses made at the show were added to the list.


Campaign activity was available at all times via an online dashboard. Lead reports, besides being emailed in real-time, were also available via the dashboard.

Client Testimonials

The sales team reported having seen the direct mail piece on client desks in a number of meetings (as far as Puerto Rico). They were proud to have their brand represented in this way.

I personally thought it was a very unique, professional vehicle to generate traffic flow… We were David in a land of Goliaths — the more our brand was seen the better our chance of slaying the giant!

Sales Manager, Dutch Farms

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