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Indoor directional signs guide visitors through interior spaces.

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Graphics Are a Great Guide

Commercial wayfinding is functional and offers creative possibilities.

Adding numbers to hallways and stairwells? It helps your building visitors remember their floor. There are different ways to help them keep moving. We welcome an opportunity to assist.

Numbers on Building Graphics to Help Guests
“As a busy Design Build firm, we often rely on Cushing to print our blueprints for our projects quickly.  Cushing is able to meet our tight deadlines, error free! Randy & Bruce have saved the day for me too many times to count. It truly shows that customer service is their #1 priority! In addition, they makes it easy when I need scanning in blueprints or booklets, banners and signage printing.”
Award Winning Company

We recently earned award a Big Picture Best of Wide Format Award.

Wide Format Awards Winner

See the project here. Choosing a company to assist with directional or wayfinding signs can be a challenge. Will they understand my needs? And understand requirements for items such as ADA signage?

Count on 90 years of exceeding customer expectations.

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Hospital Wayfinding Signage
A Way We Go

Indoor Directional Signs 

From interior wayfinding at hospitals to informational kiosks outside your building, visitors count on signs.  Indoor or outdoor, we can help achieve your directional goals. We’re here to answer you questions and help you.

Cushing and Burnham Nationwide answer your wayfinding & ADA signage questions.

Burnham is a leader in code compliance and permit expediting, in Chicago and in cities across the country.

Content Collaboration with Burnham Nationwide

Cushing is proud to partner with Burnham Nationwide, an industry leader on code compliance and permit consulting. Click the infographic for the first in a blog article collaboration.

Questions on directional or wayfinding signage? Let’s connect.

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“Customer experience was excellent. We move quickly and so does the Cushing team. For over six years they have produced all types of thoughtfully designed interior & exterior signage, as well as print materials for fundraising, leasing & presentations.”
Recent Project With Y.O.U.

Our team recent completed an environmental branding project with Y.O.U. (Youth Opportunity United) including digitally printed wayfinding. Read the case study in our client portfolio. At times, our projects make their way into the publications that cover the wide format industry.

Read About Y.O.U. in Digital Output! 


Which Way Are You Going?

Have a wayfinding installation need in a region other than Chicago? No problem.

Through our growing RMX Network affiliation, ask our team about managing your project throughout the country. Please call 312.266.8228 or connect with your Cushing team through the quote form.

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Cushing Covered in Sign Builder Shop Illustrated

Learn more about our entrance into the world of wayfinding graphics.

Wayfinding Article on Cushing in Sign Shop Illustrated

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The article includes general tips and ideas for superior signage!

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“We have worked with Cushing on a number of projects, including directional signage in our building. Their team is helpful and great to work with!”
Owner at Whimsical Candy Loves Her Custom Wall Graphics
Monument Signage With Powder Coated Painted Aluminum Panels (and Aluminum Painted Dimensional Letters)
Monumental Messaging

Complement your wayfinding graphic with monument signs.

Before guests walk in the front door, make sure your brand is front and center. Ask us about coordinating and helping fulfill your project!

Where There's A Will There's Way .... Finding

Interior wayfinding can be colorful, and installed on the walls. In this example from the Chicago Literacy Alliance, the directional signage has been printed and installed on the stairwell walls.

No matter the direction you want to take it, let’s discuss the best solutions to help your visitors. Give us a ring: 312.266.8228.


Interior Wayfinding at Chicago Literacy Alliance
Garage Wayfinding Keeps Pedestrians Moving

We can help with ADA compliant wayfinding signs and more. When you look closer you’ll see:

Wayfinding Placard at Garage

Raised letter and braille included in the wayfinding sign. We can consult on the right solution.

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Which Way to Go?

A Rare Find

Here in Chicago, wayfinding signage is common throughout the metro area and in commercial buildings. In fact, you probably don’t think twice about it. We can customize wayfinding signage to ensure your image is consistent throughout your hotel, college campus or healthcare institution. Our team can assist with wayfinding in existing buildings or throughout your design and build phases.

Groupon Wayfinding Office Sign
Photo of Vince Granieri for His Cushing Testimonial
“Cushing has always pulled through for us when we needed it the most. From the mass amounts of directional signage needed when the Blackhawks were in the Stanley Cup to more recent events like NHL Fan Fair. The quality of the product has great and we would definitely recommend their services.”
NHL Temporary Wayfinding Signage

See how the NHL used  temporary wayfinding signage at their annual Fan Fair!

Interior Wayfinding Signs

Navigating a healthcare institution can be daunting; directional signs make it easy to find the cafeteria, gift shop, and patient rooms.

Construction Sites

Help workers find what they need and aware of dangerous areas. Visitor access, interior signs for subcontractors, hard hat areas, should all be printed on reflective tape when construction is underway and electrical wiring is not yet installed.

Universities and Schools
Turn a maze of classrooms into a very easy to access set of rooms. Include safety signs, access to emergency care access or the Dean’s office.  Some schools have several gyms and host sports tournaments every weekend. Add school spirit to that directional signage while you direct them to the hot dog stand.


Hospitality and Dining
Help your patrons easily find restrooms or private dining areas. What hotel doesn’t have multiple meeting rooms named after past presidents or classic local landmarks?

Floor Graphics
An exciting new tool very popular in the world of retail, commercial; even for healthcare and education. Consider no skid lamination and the many ways you can add useful directional signs where hallways need to be clear and free of obstruction (or when a room is so wide that a sign cannot plausibly hang on a wall.)  Ideal for shopping malls, schools, industrial warehouses or hospitals.

Mechanical Room Wayfinding
“I cannot thank everyone at Cushing enough for your help, support and amazing printing over the years. You consistently help me brainstorm the best printing for an idea, meet many short deadlines, and provide amazing quality printed products. I love working with you!”
Exterior Wayfinding Signs

Hospital Emergency Room
When it is a critical situation, your patients will thank you for making it easy to find these services.

Cities and Parks
Post trivia about your metropolitan area, use directional signage to point to cultural institutions or draw attention to landmarks.

Commercial Real Estate Solutions
Have available space for lease or sale? Guide your prospect to find out more. Statistics show that a large fraction of people use external signage as their number one method for seeking rental property, in the neighborhood they have already chosen.

Construction Sites
Visitor parking arrows, access to job trailers, hard hat areas, should all be printed on reflective tape for the shorter days of winter.

Temporary Wayfinding Signage Artist Event

Lead the Way, Just for Today

Wayfinding does not have to be permanent. Trade show and event planning printing to a commercial real estate property showing, we can help with temporary signs that achieve your goals.

Explore direct-to-substrate printing options and materials

Office Door Signs and More

This may not be indoor directional signage but can help guests and visitors in large offices. As people walk through a larger office, they may have a room number and not much else.

Consider individual office signs and placards (such as the one pictured) to help people navigate your space.

Have questions on this type of graphic or need an estimate?

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Up Close Office Door Placard
Where There's a Will,There's a Wayfinding Sign

Ready to find your way? Wayfinding keep your guests and clients moving in the right direction. Contact us through the quote form.

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