Custom Exterior Outdoor Signage

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Outdoor signs attract customers and extend your brand into the street.

When considering signage for the outside of your building, we know you have a lot to think about. We have assisted over 300 businesses in the last three years with a variety of installations and here to answer any questions. Let us help you make the biggest impact.

“Customer experience was excellent. We like to move quickly and so does the Cushing team. For over six years they have been produced all types of thoughtfully designed interior & exterior signage, as well as print materials for fundraising, leasing & presentations.”
Outdoor Restaurant Signage Installed at Alonti
Building wraps. Exterior signage. Building Graphics.

Don’t Ignore Outdoor

No matter what you call them, you want them to attract the attention of your potential customer. Or a curious pedestrian walking down the street. We know exterior graphics and finding the right solution for your business drives our team. Store signage to customizing a window graphics solution, we want to hear more about your project.

Consider Visibility In Your Sign Design

Signs have a maximum readable distance and you need to consider this when planning.

Design Outdoor Signs With Visibility In Mind

Will most consumers be more than 10 or 25 feet away? Here is a tip we have seen work for clients: For every three inches, add a hundred feet to your design. One hundred feet being the maximum readability. For every six inches? The maximum it could be read is from will be 200 feet away. Take the letter height and multiply by 30 – it may help you figure out readability distance on your next sign project!

“Since Cushing installed our exterior acrylic signage, we have experienced better than a 15% increase in business. The Cushing team will help you figure out the right solution to reach your goals.”
Steps to Success

Outdoor Signs Make Sense

To craft the right outdoor signage for your business, the first step is a site visit. A Cushing representative takes measurements, looks for obstructions and shapes a solution to complement your business goals. We offer a suite of wide format printing solutions if you are looking beyond your building exterior.

Outdoor Sign Produced for Wicker Park Coffeehouse
“When we needed an exterior sign for our new Lincoln Park location, we worked with Cushing.  They consulted us on the best placement of the graphics and from printing to install, were great to work with. Matt Cushing and their staff are friendly and helpful.”
Outdoor Signage in YOUR City?

Need assistance with exterior signage outside of Illinois? No problem!

With partners across the country (and some overseas), chances are Cushing can assist with print and installation needs large and small. We want to hear from you! Contact our team to discuss your project.

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Exterior Signage Creates Excitement

Draw attention and create new customers with building signage.

Boost building visibility and add color to your exterior!


“Creative, consultative and customer friendly, Cushing is a go-to resource for exterior building signs. They recently helped us bring new signs to life at Wonder Works Children's Museum and we're looking forward to our next project together.”
Ready For Help With Your Sign Project?

Taking it outside to draw more attention to your business? From the right materials to understanding the surface you need to install to, we can help with exterior signage and best practices for your project.

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