Customer Service Week 2019

Another year in the books? This calls for a Customer Service Week celebration!

The theme in 2019? Netflix & Chill.

Stranger Things

During this themed day we didn’t exactly go to the Upside Down, but it was like, a total blast.

The team had the option of dressing in an 80’s theme or their favorite Stranger Things character.

We Were On A Break!

Tuesday was Friends day and we sure dressed the part!

From Central Perk shirts to Rachel’s football outfit, could we BE any more on theme?!

It’s just a shame Janice wasn’t there…

George is Getting Upset!

For this day the team had a choice: dress in 90’s gear or come as your favorite character or moment from Seinfeld.

Imagine George’s velvet suit, Jerry’s puffy shirt, Puddy’s Devils game attire, Elaine’s urban sombrero – shame that never caught on!

Bake Off Day!

90’s and Seinfeld Day was also Bake Off Day. Sadly no one showed up with a marble rye…

Maybe Next Year?


Welcome to Dunder Mifflin Scranton

The Office day was far from a regular day at the office!

We dressed as our favorite characters straight out of Dunder Mifflin and kicked off the evening with a Dundie’s-like celebration!

Company Party 2019

Party On Wayne and Garth – remember one of our decades was the 90’s!  Anyway, our annual celebration was again a blast – we laughed, rejoiced, and had a blast recognizing this great team that goes the extra mile for your projects! Check out the gallery below.

No Shame In Our Game!

On the last day of Customer Service Week, we celebrated a Chicago favorite! On Shameless day, we dressed as our favorite characters (luckily a lot of comfortable clothes to relax after a full night of fun)!

Even Lilo stopped by to join in! ?


Mike Duff Award Winner

Mike Duff recognized the need to leverage existing technology to improve the client experience and establish Cushing an innovator. Always seeking to move Cushing forward, Duff looked for the next trend, instead of following them.

This years winner is Carlos Lopez!

Carl Hansen Award Winner

Calm, cool and compassionate, Carl Hansen had one goal: to make life at Cushing better. With an ability to see each challenge from more than one perspective, he earned the trust and respect of his teammates, each day of the year.

This year’s winner is Daniel Zuniga!

Rookies of the Year!

Just like the pros, Cushing has Rookies of the year who make an huge impact on the team. This year honors went to:

Ryan Anderson

Alex Guzman

Congratulations to these amazing teammates!



Each year we ask our teammates to vote for their most valuable co-worker. These people are hard workers who set a great example for our team.

This year’s winners are:

Julia Kaufman
Matt Hausler
Demetrius Calhoun
Antoinette Viola
Amanda Snyder

2019 Go The Extra Mile Winners

We welcome customers and coworkers to recognize team members by emailing: go the extra mile AT throughout the year. Your vote counts at Cushing!

Check out YOUR 2019 Go-The-Extra-Mile winners.

Matt Hausler
Julia Kaufman
Amanda Snyder
Demetrius Calhoun
Frank Jimenez


Another fun tradition we have is to vote on themed superlative winners! Some of our favorites from this year were…

Most likely to be banned by the Soup Nazi…David Parkes
Most likely to adopt a smelly cat…Michelle Ward
Most likely to spoil a season finale…Katie Schayer

It was another great year at Cushing! Special thank you to these guys who celebrated a milestone anniversary this year!

Julia Kaufman – 5 years
Daniel Barrientos – 5 years
Amanda Snyder – 15 years
Mariano Montes – 20 years

Thank for Visiting!

If you made it this far, check out some cool client work in the clients project gallery.