Custom Vinyl Window Graphics for Your Business

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Custom vinyl window graphics or decals draw attention to your business and attract customers. Clings to vinyl stickers, transform your storefront into a tasteful marketing tool.

Site survey to consulting on optimal placement, we’ll do more than print your window graphics and signage.

Watch Foxtrot Discuss Their Window Graphics Experience
“We had a hard deadline for installation of a new window logo and a super cool brand element outside the front door of our design shop.  The Cushing installers themselves, knowing the tight timing, stopped by a day ahead of installation to introduce themselves to me and to review the site to ensure that nothing would go wrong.  Not only was the installation actually perfect, but the installers thanked me for my business after they finished.  That quality and exceptional service is unheard of!”
Large Window Graphics Gallery

Whether you’re looking for privacy film or storefront graphics, the Cushing team is here to help! Not sure which solution is best for you? Click below to browse a larger gallery of past window graphics projects.


Du It Today!

We we’re honored to assist the DuPage Children’s Museum with a vinyl window graphics installation to support their grand reopening.

After a flood caused damage, they decided to make a splash. Read more about we helped put a little wow into the museum windows.

Window Wraps at Marwen

Recently installed graphics at Marwen are colorful and attract attention.

New Window Wraps Installed at Marwen

Are you looking to draw attention to your brand and curious about pricing?

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We Print and Install Across The Country

Are you visiting from a city or region other than Chicago? No problem!

Decals to stickers for your windows, chances are we can assist. Ask us about our ReproMAX partner network, which offers print & project help in the US and internationally. 

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“As a growing commercial estate firm, we chose Cushing because their team pays attention to the details.  The window graphics came out great, communication was solid, and the work is quality. We’ll absolutely use them again for branding, window clings, and signage needs.”
Sooner or Later

Use window graphics to Create Excitement About Your Next Project!

Coming Soon Window Graphics

Signage attracts potential customers and starts conversations.

“From the moment I first reached out to Cushing for a bid on window cling installations, their team has provided nothing short of excellent service and an amazing final product. They were able to schedule installations for 7 of my locations in Chicago in a single day and have always worked around the needs of my schedule. The technicians even send pictures before each installation to ensure the work they guarantee. I would highly suggest Cushing for any business looking for a great company to fulfill their graphic needs!”
Reinforce Your Brand

Using premium space on your front door and windows, you reinforce your brand and can list critical information such as business name, website domain and contact information. Retail to commercial real estate solutions, just about any Chicago business can benefit by using vinyl window graphics to promote their organization. Graphics are up all hours of the day (and night) so you’ll be generating impressions all the time!

“Working with Cushing was a very straightforward process and they were very flexible when designs changed. Amidst the craziness of getting a new store location up and running, we were able to let Cushing do what they do best.”
Check out our Installers in Action!
“For our first U.S. café, in "Sweet Home Chicago," we needed everything from window graphics, marketing collateral, custom dimensional menu applications and outdoor signage. Cushing was the perfect partner. Their staff went above and beyond to understand our marketing objectives on our venture to bring Mojo to America while exceeding expectations.”

Keeping your brand top of mind in Chicago is as simple as looking out the window. Use your valuable real estate – your storefront windows – to promote your business! Take advantage of foot traffic and capture more eyeballs.

chick-fil-a Logo Event

Explore how Chick-fil-A in downtown Chicago uses custom window graphics to promote their restaurant.

Chick fil a new Window Clings From Cushing

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Outdoor Vinyl

Perforated window graphics lets you display a message on the outside of your window without affecting customer view.  These are “see through” window graphics because perforated vinyl window film is used. Very small perforations (think of tiny dots or holes) create visibility. Perforated window graphic film can reduce sun glare while making sure your message is clear. At times, city permits are required for exterior window graphics. Custom perforated window decals can be a very good choice if your retail shop or business contends with a lot of sun. Opaque can also be great for outdoor! Don’t worry! We are here to help you through the process!

“When we had a last-minute opportunity arise, Cushing responded promptly and their approach was full of purposefulness and efficiency. We were highly satisfied with the quality of Cushing's window display signage services and look forward to working with them more!”
Indoor Vinyl

Optically clear films are a popular choice when applying window graphics on the inside your building. We can print with white ink and use clear materials to mount graphics on the inside of the window, facing out into the street. You can reverse the image and it simply sticks to the inside of the glass. Interior window graphics don’t require you to pull project permits.

In the planning phases and need to discuss window signage ideas?

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“Our store window graphics came out great! We receive compliments from locations throughout the country. If you are considering clings or vinyl graphics for your business, give Cushing a call!
Static Window Clings

Clings are convenient for branding. Typically adhesive and static (ever walk into a business and they have a cling on the door asking for a review?). A nice fit for your seasonal promotions since they work great for temporary use and very easy to remove.


Using white ink on your smaller window clings (for example 12″ x 18″ or less) to make a logo stand out?

Check out our new HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press – it works great with darker substrates (and materials). The white ink will pop!

Not sure the right window graphics signage for your business?  Schedule your personalized site survey. No matter if you need a vinyl version of your logo to a window cling, it is the best first step to a custom window graphics solution. A print marketing consultant visits your location to:

  • Take measurements and specifications
  • Consult on optimal placement – no matter if its vinyl, perforated, decal or a cling
  • We’ll discuss your window graphic goals strategize the right solution, from retail storefront to installation.
“What started as an abstract idea, quickly became a reality thanks to the professional staff at Cushing. Specifically, Cushing facilitated a seamless process which consisted of helping us identify an excellent concept/product. Which then led to the development of a plan for window graphics installation, which was both comprehensive and completely satisfactory to our needs. Truly a great experience, working with folks who know their stuff.”

Rethink Campus with Custom Window Graphics and Signage


Provide a Window Into Your Business

Clings to signage across window panes, we’re here to keep the PAIN out of your signage and installation. Let us know how we can help market your business through window decals.

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