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Access Community Health Network

One of the largest providers of community healthcare in Chicago wanted to make sure their vehicles
get noticed.

Keep reading to learn how Cushing helped them to wrap their vehicles in style and how we can do the same for you!

Access Community Health Network serves as the medical home for nearly 175,000 patients a year, in both Cook and DuPage counties, so their fleet of vans and trucks are in constant use in and around Chicago. Adding some custom branded vehicle wraps allows ACCESS to advertise their services as a preventative and primary health care provider without missing a step in their busy schedule.

Our custom van wraps look fabulous, and I can’t wait to show them off to our senior management. Cushing made our project run quite smoothly, and I appreciate their attention to detail.

A Blank Canvas

Your vehicles can become a powerful tool for promotion with our custom vinyl wraps. Whether you have a single car, truck, van or a fleet of vehicles, you can spread the word wherever you drive!

For Access Community Heath Network—the Chicago area’s largest provider of community health care—the goal was to increase their exposure by adding graphics to some of the vans in their fleet. They settled on a design that featured their logo on the front panels of each van, with a different healthcare graphic on each rear panel.

The Right Stuff

From getting their designer the correct vehicle wrap templates to supervising the installation, Cushing remained involved with every aspect of wrapping their vans. We printed to 3M IJ-180C, a cast vinyl that offers superior flexibility for custom vehicle wraps. Because the vinyl used is cast rather than calendared, there’s no risk of the material trying to revert to any shape other than that of the vehicle. If that’s a little too technical, don’t worry: we learn all of this stuff so that you don’t have to!

When Issues Arise

During the installation, we noticed that two of the panels had printed a slightly different shade than the rest of the project. Cushing was able to reprint and get the new panels over to the site that afternoon so that the installation could continue on schedule.

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