Van and Vehicle Wraps

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Vehicle wraps transform your transportation into a mobile marketing machine. 

Driving around Chicagoland or surrounding suburbs, there is significant competition to get the attention of your potential customers. Traditional outdoor advertising can be expensive. What if your car, truck or van was a mobile marketing tool? Wrap it in vinyl to promote your business, product, service or offering.

Vehicle Wrap Guidelines and Tips

Wrapping your vehicle drives new customers and impressions to your business.

Explore a complementary Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Guidelines and Tips sheet to support your wrap installation.

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Our custom van wraps look fabulous, and I can’t wait to show them off to our senior management. Cushing made our project run quite smoothly, and I appreciate their attention to detail.

Marketing With Your Shiny, New Vehicle Wrap

Use a ‘trackable’ phone number on your vehicle wrap to track incoming calls.

Contact information is critical: Website, Phone Number, Company name and the products/services you offer!


If possible, don’t use stock photography as part of your design.

Read more about why vehicle and car wraps can be a very effective part of your marketing plan

Van Wrap Printed & Installed for Duck and Roll
Why Vehicle Wraps?

You can take your marketing message everywhere you go. Cost effective and professional, our team can help you find a vehicle wrap solution that does more than turn heads. Car wraps start conversations and in a competitive market such as Chicago, keeps you a step ahead of competition. Cushing offers car wrapping and business owners in Chicago have trusted us for printing over 80 years. Your vehicle wrap is in the hands of professionals.You will attract more customers.

“From printing to installation, Cushing did a terrific job with my vinyl vehicle wrap. I’ve already received a lot of positive feedback from customers around Chicago!”
Vehicle Wrap Care

You can take it to a car wash BUT no hard or aggressive chemicals. For instance, you should not use acid wash. Soap works just fine to keep the wrap clean – but don’t use high pressure washing guns – regular washing is fine.

It will dry off by itself but you can towel dry.


Vantastic Vehicle Wrap

Read about the new Access Community Health Network vehicle wrap and explore images.

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Cast Vinyl

Cast vinyl and laminate weighs less than paint. Cast vinyl conforms to any irregularities that may exist on your car, truck or bus. Think of a semi-truck – numerous rivets. Cast vinyl adheres and takes the shape of each rivet. Does that get your wheels turning? Vinyl Cut Lettering tends to be seen on exterior doors as a cost effective way to list a company name and information.

Can Wraps Damage My Vehicle? 

No. Vehicle Wraps do not stick to paint or rust. If you have chipped paint on your vehicle, the wrap may pull that paint when being removed.

No Wrap Gaps

We can remove door handles, lights and side windows to wrap every square inch. This requires more time and additional cost. This may not be as critical to you and we can help save you time and money by wrapping only the most important and visible parts of your vehicle.

If you have any questions about wrapping your vehicle, from the vinyl material we use to final wrap installation, we want to hear from you!


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