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Foxtrot Delivery Market

A mobile delivery app & upscale corner store hunts for window graphics.

Watch Foxtrot Discuss Their Window Graphics Experience

Cushing Testimonials: Foxtrot

A mobile delivery app & upscale corner store chose Cushing for their window graphics. We asked them to share their experience. Video produced by Youth FX (www.youthfx.org).

Foxtrot Market Interior
What A Fox

If you haven’t heard of Foxtrot, it is perhaps best described by John Pletz at Crain’s as “a corner store updated for the Uber generation.”

Foxtrot is both a mobile app and a physical store where you can shop from a curated assortment of sweets, spirits, and sundries.

Fleet Foxes

For Chicagoans in Foxtrot’s delivery zone, mobile orders are expected to be delivered in an hour or less (your driver’s tip is included in the delivery fee). Prefer to get out and do a little shopping? Visit one of their brick-and-mortar locations in the West Loop or Lincoln Park. Sean Madison, Vice President of Operations, described the contemporary company this way:

Foxtrot storefront window graphics from the inside

“Today’s millennials want instant gratification and many start-ups are looking to fill that void through on-demand delivery. What’s unique about Foxtrot is that

we combine the best of on-demand ecommerce with traditional brick-and-mortar retail.


Our storefronts act as a delivery hub and a medium for walk-in customers, but also allow us to control and curate our inventory, menu offerings, stock levels, pricing, etc. in ways that third party delivery services aren’t able to do.”

Foxtrot Storefront Window Graphics
On The Hunt

Madison joined the Foxtrot team in September 2015, and was tasked with coordinating the vinyl window graphics for the company’s new West Loop location. After researching the web, he came across Cushing & requested a quote.

“Being unfamiliar with this process, I found Cushing to be extremely responsive and easy to work with. We were able to go from an idea to a quote and rendering in no time,” Madison said.

Graphics Good Enough to Eat

Sly As A Fox

Cushing printed and installed permanent vinyl window graphics with Foxtrot’s logo and “fox tracks” at the West Loop location. “We opted to go with a single pane of glass to really make our storefront stand out from others and knew that the right graphics would be necessary to bring it all together,” Madison said. Foxtrot’s window graphics attract passersby into the chic, inviting space – a beautifully decorated seating area invites patrons to browse their selection before sitting down to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

Foxtrot interior seating area
“Working with Cushing was a very straightforward process and they were very flexible when designs changed. Amidst the craziness of getting a new store location up and running, we were able to let Cushing do what they do best.”
Sean Madison of Foxtrot Testimonial Headshot
Foxtrot Team in front of Window Graphics
Trotting Along

Opening a retail storefront can be stressful, and there are a lot of moving parts involved. Even with changes to the final design, Cushing was able to get the window graphics printed and installed in time for Foxtrot’s grand opening. “I was very pleased with the service and product provided. The Cushing team was fantastic to work with. Every interaction I’ve had has been prompt, courteous, and informative,” Madison said.

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