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An iconic Chicago brand updates their corporate office with delicious results.

Account Manager: Christine Fetting
Project Manager: Valerie Ward
Color Project Manager: Jake Hellman
Writer and Photography: Jon Davis


The web facilitates many global connections and it’s no different in the world of wide format graphics.

Account Manager: Christine Fetting
Project Manager: Anjelica Garcia-Sanchez
Color Project Manager: Conor Harmon
Writer and Photography: Jon Davis
Design Firm: StagHill

Magid Glove & Safety

Account Manager: Josette O’Neil
Photographer: Michael Koch of Magid Glove & Safety
Customer Service Heroes: Stephanie Ferguson, Anjelica Garcia-Sanchez
Writer: Jon Davis

Burnham Nationwide

A city skyline inside the office? Cushing and Burnham collaborate on an office frosting project.

Account Manager: Josette O’Neil
Project Manager: Michelle Ward
Customer Service Heroes: Michelle Ward, Amanda Snyder
Photos and Writer: Jon Davis

NeoCon Graphics

From dimensional lettering to privacy film, the Cushing team installed graphics throughout the Merchandise Mart, for a variety of clients.

Project Manager: Julia Kaufman
Account Manager: Christine Fetting
Customer Service Hero: Matt Hausler, Stephanie Ferguson

Slaack Productions

This award-winning event marketing project proves branding graphics can be installed just about anywhere!

Project Manager: Julia Kaufman
Account Manager: Josette O’Neil
Customer Service Hero: Amanda Snyder

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