bringing some of the best minds and solutions under the same roof. Join us for our November event: Reality Capture for the Jobsite

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Featured Speaker : Brian Kravets, UAS Operations Manager, IT Systems Manager Spaceco, Inc.

Brian is an experienced end-to-end UAS Operations Manager for Spaceco, Inc, out of Rosemont, IL. Dealing with everything from client relations to the creation of deliverables, Brian keeps on the cutting edge of the drone services industry. As an FAA certified Remote Pilot, Kravets has  hundreds of flight hours over the past 4 years, working extensively with both fixed-wing and multi-rotor, in both urban and rural environments.  Through Brian’s endless endeavors, Spaceco provides client services for surveying/mapping, video inspections, marketing/research, and construction.

Featured Speaker : Scott Lumsden, Principal, Director of Technical Assistance Group (TAG), LJE/Clayco

Adjacent to Scott’s 25+ years of duty in the US Navy, Lumsden has added 32 years of AEC industry experience, including 24 years managing projects and several years as an office or studio leader.  For the past 9 ½ years Scott has been able to merge his talents in both design and construction in his role at Lamar Johnson Collaborative / Clayco, that notably manages projects from conceptual design to completion.  Scott’s innate knowledge and affinity for technology has elevated him into crucial roles in each of his five prominent design firms, to ensure their clients’ deliverable always takes advantage of current  technology.  Scott is a passionate advocate for 3D scanning as a form of risk management and has a litany of success stories ( and tragedies avoided ) to share.

Featured Speaker : Ben Stocker,  Construction Technologist at Skender

Eight years out of Purdue University with a BS in Civil Engineering, Ben is an avid technologist with a passion for construction and ensures that Skender is up to date on all available technology.  Ben is excited to share his success stories with 3D Scanning, especially with regard to drone scanning and generating accurate site conditions to Skender’s estimating team, when bidding on prominent interior/adaptive reuse projects.  Ben is coming prepared to share his technological solutions for presenting accurate FFFL ( Floor flatness Floor levelness ) for Skender, and anything else that the attendees wish to share.

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