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Acrylic signs add accent to office interiors, exteriors and public spaces.

Crisp & captivating, it improves work environments.

Close Up View of Acrylic Material
What is Acrylic?

Acrylic is a flat, smooth, plastic material used for office logos and signs.

Clear acrylic (plexi-glass) was brought to market as a durable substitute for glass. It is very sturdy and can endure a fair amount of wear. There are a variety of acrylic finishes, including translucent or clear, white and a rainbow of colors.

“Our company has been using Cushing as our go-to printer for over two years and they have constantly provided outstanding customer service and quality products. We have printed everything from half page flyers, to trifold brochures and large acrylic logo installations. Cushing offers quality paper selections and has always done their best to meet tight deadlines and quick turn with their Konica Minolta Accuriopress. I would, without a doubt, recommend Cushing to anyone looking for a dedicated, high quality printer.”
Recognize Your Team

Corporate offices to theatres, chances are you have seen acrylic panels mounted in a hallway, behind a front desk or a building exterior.

Maximum standard size sheet is 4’ x 8’. Acrylic thickness options include: 1/4”, 1/8”, 3/8” (most common), and 1/2”. All dimensions are in inchdes.

Acrylic Office Display With Standoffs at American Planning Association
Lightbox Questions
Do you Offer Backlit Signage or Lightboxes?

Yes, we are here to help! There are some variables to consider.

Will I Need Power?

Yes, preparing electrical before we visit is an important consideration. You may want to think through a design or configuration that ensures signage can be placed near power. At times, power can be hidden, and you’ll need to decide if you want the connection to be visible.

Please let us know if you will need union or non-union installation.

Will I See a Mock-Up?

We do provide a shop drawing with a rendering. It shows where wiring will be on the back on the sign, including mounting hardware.

Do You Print Directly Acrylic Lightboxes?

No, Cushing has select vendors and the experience to project manage this process. Please request a quote, and we are excited to find out more about your backlit graphic needs.

Yelp 3D Sign With Lightbox
George M Nicolopoulos Spine and Sports Center
“We knew we wanted to print our logo to acrylic but wasn’t sure where to start. Cushing was a great help with consulting, printing and final installation. The signage came out great!”

The Spine and Sports Center of Chicago Team

Sport and Spine Center Team With Acrylic Signage

All smiles in front of their acrylic signage!

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Acrylic In Your Region

Thanks for visiting us today! Are you researching printing on acrylic from a region other than Chicagoland? With partners across the country, chances are our fulfill your project almost anywhere across the United States (and some international cities.) Have questions on this process? Contact our team or request a quote for pricing.

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From the Printionary - Standoffs!

Many companies use standoffs to install acrylic.

Standoffs are a small piece of hardware attached to a sign and secures it to the wall. Sign standoffs are made up of a barrel, cap, and wall screw.

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Standoff Hardware for Acrylic Installation
“We chose Cushing to enhance our interior signage and awards display at our Chicago office based on their excellent reputation and experience doing similar work.  It made a huge difference.”
Derek Ward Gilbane Testimonial
How Does Digital Printing to Acrylic Work?

With careful handling (using protective material lining to avoid dirt and finger prints), your graphics can be printed on acrylic panels as translucent or reflective images using a 4’ x 8’ flatbed printer. Using four-inch strips of tiny inkjets, high quality images appear in minutes as the print heads are carried over the media, held in place on a vacuum table.

With the recent introduction of white ink, reverse printed images can be backed up with a white layer to create a reflective image or to create a light diffuser for back-lit signs. Crisp and colorful graphics are printed directly to the substrate to suit just about any interior environment or most outdoor signage installations.

Regarding Glass: Cushing often produces vinyl-cut or vinyl printed graphics and adheres this imagery to glass, on location. Graphics can be printed reverse-reading and adhered to glass and acrylic to protect the image.

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Acrylic Signage Created for Crossley
Actionable Acrylic

Acrylic can be an interesting option for wayfinding or directional signage.

Ask Us About Your Acrylic Project

“I source various custom dimesnional display solutions to Cushing because my account manager Christine is a creative genius with an entrepreneurial spirit. Customer service is her business and people are her passion.”
“Just unpacked the Chicago CTA @ Night acrylic and as I have come to expect, your team has done an excellent job. It won't be mounted at the site for another few weeks, but I am sure the client will love it. Thanks for another great job.
Acrylic Mounted Using StandOffs In Hallway
Potential Acrylic Applications
Acrylic printing has a number of potential uses and only limited by your imagination
  • Mount iconic images or team photographs to spruce your hallways
  • Marketing graphics are useful in public spaces; consider imagery on acrylic
  • Acrylic signage is a great way to showcase awards or business facts
  • Wayfinding or directional signage to help guests with internal directions
  • Spotlight your company history, board members and team members

You are not limited to these ideas – browse our portfolio to see additional applications our clients have implemented.

Our quote form is just a click away if you have questions or are ready to talk about your project.

Printing to Acrylic Tips

Know your Acrylic Specifications
If you don’t have these, a Cushing representative is happy to perform a site survey at your location.

Make your Measurements Precise
Do this for both imagery and layout on pre-cut materials to avoid remakes! If measurement adjusting is necessary, there is a chance
the acrylic will need to be printed again, which can be costly. We can help keep this process smooth the first time.

Plan it Out
Materials require 5-10 days for cutting, finishing edges and drilling holes for mounts. This is not a “rush job” consideration.

Acrylic Printing Production Tips
“Your team have been great to work with and we can’t wait to get our new acrylic signage up! It’s going to take our showroom to the next level.”
Acrylic Signage Chiropractic Office
Typical Acrylic Customer?

While there isn’t one particular customer looking for digital printing on acrylic, some want to permanently represent their brand or showcase special facts about their organization. Others need to recognize partners or a charitable donation. Or they simply want to have a graphic engage the person visiting their office.

Small business professionals to art directors & non-profits, acrylic printing offers many possibilities!

Acrylic for Every Occasion

Showcase history, customers, partners and more!

Enhance hallways, conference rooms, retail and so much more.

Project Questions?

Ready to discuss the finer details of your fine art needs? The Cushing team is a phone call away if you have additional questions about digital printing on acrylic.

Interested in getting the conversation started right now? Don’t hesitate to use our quote form, this puts your potential project in the hands of a print marketing consultant.


Let's Get Started!

Digital printing to acrylic can be a delicate process and that’s why we’re here to help you through it. Mounting, using standoffs, its what’s we do and we are excited to discuss your project.

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