Direct to Substrate Printing

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Curious about Printing Direct-to-Substrate? We’ll help you choose one that works best for you.

Do you need a wide variety of materials plus high quality vibrant color? Our direct-to-print equipment can image to almost any flat media up to 4 feet wide by 8 feet long and up to 2” thick. It’s perfect for creating signage, point of purchase displays, exhibit displays and more.

NHL Printed Media Board
Why Print Direct to Substrate?

Our special UV curable inks will reduce fading and resist moisture. The ink has a two year warranty making it long lasting and suitable for your indoor or outdoor environment. Save time and money by printing direct to a board. Our team is here to make the digital printing to substrate process easy and help you look great.

Substrates to Consider

Sturdy and affordable, this material works well in all conditions and is perfect for golf signs and real estate.

Lightweight but Rigid Board of PVC with a matte finish. Imagine a number of applications from posters to welcome signs.

High impact substrate that works well even in not-so-wonderful weather conditions. It has a very clean smooth face for better printing output; while flexible, to bend into rounded sign-holders or unusual environments.

“Having worked in the AEC industry for over a decade, Cushing has always been a trusted resource. In particular, I know that the quality on my large-format prints, banners, and boards will be flawless. I can always depend on Cushing to deliver on-time or early, and I appreciate the helpful communication during the project. Cushing has certainly earned their reputation for exceptional service.”
While there are a number of printers in Chicago that print direct to substrate, we treat each project as a unique opportunity to go the extra mile. So much so, we have a customer service program of the same name!  Our team wants to find out how we can make your project as painless as possible.
More Substrates to Consider

Aluminum and Dibond
Looking for a permanent outdoor sign? Consider metal. Dibond, a very popular media (also known as Alu-panel), is composed of thin plastic sandwiched between two sheets of white-coated aluminum. Approximately 3/8” thin, perfect for outdoor or heavy-duty applications.

A rigid material
, unbending, firm, inflexible – we are running out of adjectives but it is shatterproof. Available opaque or transparent.

Enviroboard (Falcon board)
An ideal substrate for companies keeping the environment and sustainability in mind. This recyclable, half inch media remains nice and flat even in humid conditions and accepts ink beautifully.

Decisions, decisions

Still not sure which substrate is right for you? Contact a member of our sales team to discuss your project in detail.

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Substrate Applications
  • Did we mention you can print up to a 2” inches thick substrate?
  • Print your logo (a popular request to bump up your brand)
  • Individual letters such as your company or association take on an immersive, 3D effect
  • Signage – all can be printed to material that literally jumps off your wall
  • Our 5’ x 10’ Zund router provides the perfect complement to substrate printing with custom cut outs of your imagery, letters or corporate logo’s
“Our recent experience with Cushing was fantastic. Cushing worked under a tight deadline to deliver quality prints and boards for a large presentation. They were timely and proficient in working with us and met our expectations of delivering the job on time.
Real Estate Developers – Share Your Vision

How do you encourage a prospective tenant to imagine their firm in the brilliant new space you have built? A rendering of course. Display project renderings or floor plans using direct to substrate in buildings renovated, mounted on walls or easels.

“We are more than delighted with the high level of service that you provide us. Our deadlines are usually impossibly tight... Cushing meets our demands perfectly - apparently with ease - even though we realize you are working your tail off to produce our graphic pieces. So, if I haven't told you lately, thank you so very much.  ”

Does your organization have an event that needs some local promotion at a school, library, ground-breaking or … should we keep going? Printed posters on a rigid substrate are a perfect option! In this instance, try coroplast or foam core.

Impress the boss for less of a cost.

Want to get your signage started?
So many substrates, so little time. Let's talk!

From dibond and foamcore, to styrene or acrylic, yes, we know there are many of them out there. That’s why we’re here to assist with questions and pricing.

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