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How 3D Scanning Improves Design, Construction Processes and Cost of Operations

According to Digital Builder, demand for the use of 3D laser scanning has grown by 57% in the construction industry. 

What does it mean for the design and construction industries today? From design to completion, the scanning process can have a positive impact on construction workflow, risk management, and reduction of change-orders. There are also benefits to consider, post-project. It simply has…

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Laser Scanning Use Cases in AEC

As 3D laser scanning technology evolves, architects and AEC design professionals are discovering the value it provides during pre-construction and ideation phases. The use of 3D laser scanning services during the design process is not just a passing fad: from more efficient planning to reducing project costs, it has a positive…

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CHI-Light on Local Business

Year-end always gets our team thinking about how fortunate we are. As a printer that calls River North home, there are so many interesting businesses in the metro area we’ve had an opportunity to collaborate with:

☑ Venture Capital backed start-ups and tech companies that make a positive impact on…

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Six Reasons to Brand Your Building Site

You’ve just received your building permit, and preliminary drawings from your architect, and now it’s time to spread the word that your new development is coming to the neighborhood.

How will you attract the ideal tenant? The key is to create an experience that will bring them to you. Multi-faceted graphics…

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Casting for a Great Cause

The human spirit never ceases to amaze. Despite a global pandemic, Madison Rose, a specialized real estate firm, opened their doors in February 2020. For founders Matthew and Gina Pistorio, it was the only option.

“We knew we had to forge ahead and make it work,” says Gina.

The entrepreneurs were no…

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Expert Perspective With Amy Boyle

How often does this happen:

Your boss visits for a dinner party and casually plants a seed that jumpstarts a new career.

For our latest Expert Perspective series, beyond delighted to speak with Amy Boyle.

Amy Boyle is an internationally published photographer and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience. Boyle graduated from Northwestern…

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