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Branded Office Graphics to Recruit and Retain Top Talent?

Hiring managers & HR professionals, read this and see if you agree.
Have the last several months brought new meaning to the phrase “employee disengagement”?

This appears to be a universal challenge, along with a higher than normal turnover rate; the reference to “The Great Resignation” is one that HR professionals of…

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Laser Scanning Use Cases in AEC

As 3D laser scanning technology evolves, architects and AEC design professionals are discovering the value it provides during pre-construction and ideation phases. The use of 3D laser scanning services during the design process is not just a passing fad: from more efficient planning to reducing project costs, it has a positive…

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CHI-Light on Local Business

Year-end always gets our team thinking about how fortunate we are. As a printer that calls River North home, there are so many interesting businesses in the metro area we’ve had an opportunity to collaborate with:

☑ Venture Capital backed start-ups and tech companies that make a positive impact on…

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What is The Purpose of Signage?

As the Five Man Electrical Band once sang:

Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign! 

And it’s true, each day you most likely see one. Maybe towering over the interstate on your morning commute. Or hanging on the exterior of your favorite coffee shop.

So what is the purpose of signage? Since I…

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Life as an intern at Cushing

This summer we had the pleasure of hosting an intern from Marwen’s Art@Work program. And now you’re wondering, sounds great! What is that?

Art at Work is a 5-week summer internship program for young people to be hired and paid as professional young artists. The program is…

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5 Reasons to Plan ADA Signage

Plans are moving along, construction has started, and the project is coming together. You’re getting through your checklist. The next item you need to check off? The fire marshal walk-through. And you realize your signage is not up to the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design.


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