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Casting for a Great Cause


The human spirit never ceases to amaze. Despite a global pandemic, Madison Rose, a specialized real estate firm, opened their doors in February 2020. For founders Matthew and Gina Pistorio, it was the only option.

Casting for a Great Cause 2 Madison Rose Logo

“We knew we had to forge ahead and make it work,” says Gina.

The entrepreneurs were no strangers to adversity.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Four and a half years ago, Gina received a diagnosis with the most aggressive form a person can have: triple negative. It was a busy household, with toddlers Madison and Payton Rose – also the inspiration for the firm’s name – bashing around the house.

Casting for a Great Cause 3 Gina Pistorio Madison Rose

Gina Pistorio of Madison Rose

Gina battled, entered radiation treatment, and five years later is cancer-free. They weave this spirit into their professional lives.

Hungry Team

“Our team loves the challenge of the work we do and has interests outside of the office,” says Matt. “Abby is a sailor. Daniella is a skier. There is a deeper purpose to what we do.”

Matt says everyone at the company has a chip on their shoulder – of course, in a positive way. It’s a shared commitment to use their connections to give back. As the realities of the coronavirus took hold, it did not stop the Madison Rose team from banding together for a great cause: raising awareness to fight breast cancer.

Madison Rose Team

Members of the Madison Rose Team.

“We pulled together a virtual fundraiser and raised $25,000,” reflects Matt. “It was incredible to shine a light on Casting for Recovery.” If you are not familiar with this association, it’s time to dip your toe in the water. This year, Casting for Recovery celebrates twenty-five years of providing women battling breast cancer with a unique experience: no-cost fly fishing throughout the country.

Casting for a Great Cause 4 Casting for Recovery 25 Anniversary Logo

Excursions are a respite from daily distractions with like-minded people.

Casting for a Great Cause 5 High Fives Casting for Recovery

Their first in-person fundraiser for Casting for Recovery comes up on Thursday, November 18. Get ready to take in the Moonlight.

“Through Casting for Recovery, these wonderful women get together to connect with nature,” says Matt. “You spend the first day making friends and getting away.” The outdoors is therapeutic. As you learn to fish, you need to focus on every cast. Anxiety dissipates and relationships bloom.

Casting for a Great Cause 6 Mad Rose Matt Pistorio

Casting Call

Originally founded in Manchester Vermont, in 1996, the first Casting for Recovery retreat came together in Michigan. Here’s a bit more trivia: Brown Trout were first introduced to United States Rivers in the Pere Marquette River in Michigan.

For those ready to cast a hook, catching one is a rite of passage. “Anyone who has ever tried to fly fish has tried to catch one.” says Matt.

Real Life Experience
Discovering Casting for Recovery was pure serendipity. Matt follows brands with connections to the outdoors. After he learned about them through a social media post from YETI, a maker of premium outdoor supplies, it was the right fit.

Casting for a Great Cause 7 Casting for Recovery Logo

“You can see a tangible impact through this organization,” he says.” Sometimes it can be challenging to understand where contributions go within larger groups. “It is just incredible to actually see how participants benefit, seeing contributions helping make these trips a reality.”

Casting for a Great Cause 8 Casting for Recovery Retreat Photo

Fly fishing has been a part of Matt’s life since youth. “There’s not many activities that are more peaceful,” he says. “You spend hours enjoying the wilderness and there’s just not many experiences like this in life nowadays.” Unlike the constant buzz of cell phone and social media, its devoid of distraction.

Full Moon

With vaccines on the rise and much more information available on preventing the spread of covid, Madison Rose hosts Moonlight on November 18 in Goose Island.

Casting for a Great Cause 9 Moonlight Event Logo

The event name is inspired by Lanterns and the Moonlight Basin Club in Big Sky Montana. Though branded as a real estate community event, it is open to all.

“We hope people invite friends, spouses, peers. Let’s not make it real estate just for the sake of real estate, reflects Matt.” The event is a platform to raise money for breast cancer awareness. “We want to be a lot more inclusive and share this message.”

Casting for a Great Cause 10 Casting for Recovery Having Fun

Support of Moonlight could send over fifty women on trips through Casting for Recovery. And that is what it’s all about. “It’s testament to who we are and what we do,” says Matt. “We hope it is the first of many Moonlight events that raise awareness in the fight against breast cancer.”

Casting for a Great Cause 11 Abby Headshot

Abby McFayden of Madison Rose

Casting for a Great Cause 12 Adam Pines Madison Rose

Adam Pines of Madison Rose

Casting for a Great Cause 13 Daniela Helmsley of Madison Rose

Daniella Hemsley of Madison Rose


What’s Next?

While there is not a Casting for Recovery Illinois chapter yet, it could be a future step. No matter if that materializes, the goal is to celebrate a non-profit that gives back so much.

“If we can get people from all walks of life to get the word out about Casting for Recovery, we’d be beyond thankful.” Says Matt. “More people in Illinois need to know about them.”

Casting for a Great Cause 14 Casting for Recovery Celebrating Outdoors

Tickets are on sale up until the night of the event. If you can’t make it, Casting for Recovery accepts contributions through their website.

So many organizations have lent their support to this event. “We are beyond humbled to have such as large group of people supporting this organization.” Says Matt. Instead of trying to just name one or two, you can browse the list below:

Bear Construction

Casting for a Great Cause 15 Bear Construction Logo


Casting for a Great Cause 16 Stantec Logo

EWP Workplace Architects

Casting for a Great Cause 17 EWP logotagline color 1

R2 Companies

Casting for a Great Cause 18 R2 Logo Lockup Black

Centre Construction

Casting for a Great Cause 19 Primary Logo Full Color


Casting for a Great Cause 20 RypenLogo e1637164989510

The Nicholas D. Sergi Foundation

Casting for a Great Cause 21 cropped giving makes you smile mixed colors 363x361 1

Maron Electric

Casting for a Great Cause 22 Maron Electric Company Web Logo


Casting for a Great Cause 23 ESD logo


Casting for a Great Cause 24 Wurkwel logo JPG


Casting for a Great Cause 25 Horton Group


Casting for a Great Cause 26 Redmond Logotype Red

Lamar Johnson Creative

Casting for a Great Cause 27 Lamar Johnson

East Lake Studio

Casting for a Great Cause 28 Eastlake Studio Logo

Millennium Advisors

Casting for a Great Cause 29 MillenniuM logo removebg preview 1

WE O’Neil

Casting for a Great Cause 30 WEO Logo High Res Transparent Background WHITE OUTLINE copy square Copy

Blue Star Properties

Casting for a Great Cause 31 Blue Star 2 Color Copy

Vintage Refined

Casting for a Great Cause 32 Vintage Refined Logo


Casting for a Great Cause 33 HOK logo Uploaded 2013

Corporate Concepts

Casting for a Great Cause 34 Corporate Concepts

Admiral Heating & Ventilation

Casting for a Great Cause 35 Admiral Heating e1637165032236

DSI Group

Casting for a Great Cause 36 logo 1

LG Development Group

Casting for a Great Cause 37 LG Group Main Logo Black

Titan Electric

Casting for a Great Cause 38 Titan Electric


Indoor Drone Tours

Casting for a Great Cause 39 Indoor Drone Tours


Casting for a Great Cause 40 SCB Logo


Casting for a Great Cause 41 41 North Logo


Thanks for reading and please be sure to visit Casting for Recovery!

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