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The Perfect Printernship

I go to school up in Minnesota where the summer lasts exactly 2 months.

As snow melts, leaves appear and birds start tweeting again: summer is upon us (yes, I know you are reading this in September.)  Thinking about basking on the beach also brings the dreadful task of searching for a summer job.  It can be challenging for college students to find motivation. Come on – I just wrapped an entire semester of studying, homework and exams!

However, I am glad Cushing chose me for an internship and I have not regretted a single moment.

Budding Star
My name is John Budzinski, a junior attending Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.  I’m

John Works On a Project

John Works On a Project

looking toward a future in financial advising and accounting. I am quickly learning the business world is made up of much more.

Interning at Cushing has introduced me to an office setting and how it functions. Specifically, in all aspects of the printing business, from sales, production and finally: delivery to the customer.

In addition, I have received guidance from experienced co-workers whose years of knowledge are vital to my learning and growing.

Let’s Get to Work
Shortly after my start date, I became the “Jack of All Trades,” (not to be confused with Matt-of-All-Trades: Matt Cushing), diving into any project thrown my way.  These included data entry and reorganization, marketing campaigns and documenting company services through photography.  I helped convert Cushing’s printed yearbook into an electronic version

Working with Cushing’s marketing team has provided me an opportunity to learn how a company promotes through cross media: email blasts, social media and using analytics  As part of this experience, I helped organize newsletters and the redesign for a new Cushing website.

The Perfect Printernship 1 Perfect Bound Book Assortment Close Up 300x199

One of John’s Numerous Photographs

Through the projects I have participated in with the marketing team, I have been able to improve my photography skills.

I was tasked with photographing various components of  numerous processes offered by Cushing, from expert printing for the past 80 years to marketing advice and strategy. Recently, I photographed new vinyl glass printings.

Fond Farewell
Many say “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.”  I believe that is true.  Especially if you discover a place where friendships feels like family, laughter fills the air and simply entering the building brings a smile to your face. If you can find this, you will never “work” a day in your life.

Cushing embodies all of these characteristics.

I am grateful for the office experience I have gained and all the friendly co-workers I have met.  I can only hope to work again for a company similar to Cushing.  Thanks for an amazing summer!

John Budzinski

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