Assistance When Joe Cushing is Offsite

What’s the Best Way to Reach Your Cushing Team?


When placing an order use our upload tool. It’s the most efficient method to send files to the folks in production as quickly as possible. When you send work to me – it can create delays. Web Upload is your best tool for getting your files to our team as quickly as possible!

Click this link for the web Upload Tool

There are times when I might be offsite – taking measurements and visiting installations. Of course you will still receive personalized service. Cushing production and customer service are available to HELP!!

Here are key contacts.

Questions or need an update on order status?

Email our team:
This reaches customer service and production operators available to answer questions and provide updates.

Need a pricing estimate but I am in a meeting or offsite? No problem.

Send your request to:
And copy me, your account manager, on the email:

The sales email reaches your team of print consultants available to assist with pricing and questions on capabilities.

Billing questions we can help with?

Connect with our accounting team:

Did you know we have operations support in the sales department, when I am offsite or in a meeting?

Anjelica Garcia
Learn more about Anjelica
Direct Line: 312-799-8341

Erik Reczek
Learn more about Erik
Direct Line: 312-799-8386

Valerie Ward
Learn more about Valerie 
Direct Line: 312-799-8332

Amanda Bridges 
Learn more about Amanda
Direct Line: 312-799-8390

Hours of Operation:
7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Many Repeat Orders?

If you are a high volume client with consistent orders, consider a personalized storefront. It can include quotes, track your orders and much more.

Learn About Branded Portals