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A Summer Printern

Our summer intern, Alex Charter, headed back to Mizzou for his senior year a few weeks ago.  We asked him to share a short blog post summing up his Cushing experience.   We haven’t graded it (we’ll leave that up to his professor).

Alex provided an A+ attitude each day at Cushing and discovered there’s more to working at a printing company than … printing.

Who would have thought that a summer internship in Chicago would fly by so fast (guess that makes sense; winter is always around the corner in the Printy City).  One day you’re interviewing and before you know it, the last day is on the horizon and your manager is dropping a hundred projects on your desk that need to be wrapped up.

Just kidding; only fifty.

I’ve had some great experiences while up here in Chicagoland which I’ll remember as I pursue a career in marketing.  Making the transition back to school after interning is definitely going to prove a challenge.  Just hope I’m ready for it!

Over the summer, I found myself learning more than I thought possible.  Data mining, database scrubbing, claiming citations, blog writing – hold on – I thought this was a printing company? Actually, I did see the flatbed printer and an assortment of the print jobs we completed. And experience a side of real world marketing you just don’t pick up from a course syllabus.

Who better to learn from than a company that’s been at the top of their game over 80 years?

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my time spent at Cushing this past summer.  I gained valuable experience and was even able to use Cushing’s services to print some signage for Gimme Details, an auto detail shop I co-founded and operate.  I’m really looking forward to installing the signs since they turned out so great!  I would also like to thank everyone at Cushing for making my experience such an enjoyable one.  I enjoyed every day spent working here!

If you feel like dropping in a final grade on Alex’s blog in the comments box below, we’ll be sure to send to his department head! 


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