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Don’t be a Wall (Office Décor) Flower

Digital Communication

Everything that can be done with a large format printer has been done

Expanding print services are a thing of the past.

Communication pieces are all going digital – no one needs office décor printing!

Decor Class in Your OfficeYou could have fooled us.  And the energetic group of architects, designers and decorators who trekked to Cushing’s River North for a Digital Décor Course last month.  In conjunction with HP, we discussed the steady growth of digital wall décor, including media options and creative printing possibilities in commercial (as well as residential) sectors.

A brief survey after class revealed:

Over 80% of attendees saw a need for digital décor in the commercial side of their business.

Approximately 50% believed an opportunity to implement digital décor for a client could arise in the next 6 – 18 months.

100% asked why couldn’t you have brought class to my office?

OK, we made that last one up but a certified Cushing representative can bring the class to your firm. Lunch too!

“There’s been an incredible evolution in digital wallcovering.  This course was extremely helpful in furthering my understanding of the unlimited graphic possibilities available to us as designers.”

Scott Hindsley, Principal

Fine Print
Staff, if they have an AIA membership number, earn an AIA continuing education unit (CEU) while learning about unique office décor printing applications. Business development hears about potential businesses interested in large décor installations.  All walk away with creative ideas for your existing clients. Everybody wins!

Approximately 50 minutes with time left for a question & answer session, Spring classes are already being reserved, so register now!

Interested in learning more, ready to schedule or have questions? Complete the form.

Snazzy Class Wallcovering Samples

Snazzy Class Wallcovering Samples

More Reasons to Schedule

Countless Wall Covering Solutions
A clichéd notion but only imagination is the limit. PVC-free, ultra smooth & commercial grade textures – printing and installation can be completed just about anywhere.

In a recent post blog post, we cited industry sources that see wallpaper and interior printing on the rise.  You don’t need to venture far from your office to see major brands from retail to hospitality using this technology.

Latex Printing leverages inks which minimize effects to the environment.

You are always welcome to call with questions. Reach us at 312.266.8228 for additional information on the course or Cushing capabilities.

Jon Davis

Jon Davis is Cushing’s Marketing Manager. From blogging to online communications, Jon writes about client developments, environmental branding, and much more. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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