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(Draft) Board Meeting

It’s the moment you have been waiting for.

Crunching the Fantasy Numbers

Crunching the Fantasy Numbers

You have completed hours of research, obsessed over your strategy and have your notes. Or maybe you’re one of the few who just wing it (bold strategy my friend) You’re first. There’s 10, 12, maybe even 16 people sitting around the table, eagerly awaiting this “meeting” to start and all eyes are on you. Across the table are spreadsheets, notepads, pens and highlighters.
Your decision affects everyone.

No, it’s not a marketing pitch to your board members; it’s the first pick of your fantasy football draft!

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Matt Forte On Your Fantasy Team?

This type of preparation goes into Fantasy Football these days. Each member of the league has their study material, gone through  mock-drafts and is anxiously awaiting their pick.

Chicago based firm, Challenger, Gray and Christmas, estimates that 13.4 billion dollars of productivity will be lost by employees checking their fantasy football teams. 13.4 BILLION! (At least we know our Cushing employees don’t contribute to that number).

In today’s digital world, the draft itself has changed. And as league commissioner, I pride in getting each member to show up. This year, a league member joined the draft via Skype from Los Angeles and two people use screen-sharing software from their tablets to choose their team. Even with participation going online, one element that has made an impact and become a fixture is the “big board”:


Fans are using big boards to support fantasy drafts

A giant piece of paper (yes, the kind of paper for printing posters that Cushing offers) keeps league picks in order & everybody honest.
Customized labels are used to prevent errors.

No matter how our draft evolves, the printed board continues to be a major part of the fun. No matter if:

  • You find yourself cheering for Aaron Rodgers (a Packer and sworn enemy, but he is your starting quarterback for the week.)
  • You get upset when the Bears score, because the player wasn’t on your team (By the way, keep faith in Forte, his breakout game is coming).
  • There’s nothing better than giving someone a hard time as they stick Josh Gordon on their team in round three. (Side note, this really happened although it might actually pay off).
Does printing fit into your day outside of the office?  We’d love to hear from you.
Feel free to let us know in the comments.

Tom Cradick

Tom Cradick was born and raised in Chicago and a proud member of Cushing. One of Cushing’s On-Site Service Center Managers,  his primary responsibilities include maintaining several different types of printing equipment, coordinating large print orders, helping clients with daily print concerns and making sure the clients at his location remain happy. As an employee of Cushing for nearly 9 years, Tom‘s role is continuously expanding and recently, he has contributed to the company blog.

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