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Quick Election Comment

I attended a luncheon today at which Carol Marin was the guest speaker.  As a political reporter her topic was, of course, on the election results this week, and she announced (before the Associated Press announcement) that Governor Quinn had been reelected.

In response to one of the questions about how the Democratic Governor was reelected but the Democratic senatorial candidate Gianoulias lost to the Republican candidate Mark Kirk she observed that it really wasn’t shocking when looking at the spectrum of political positions of the candidates.  Quinn and Kirk are more centrist members of their respective parties even though they are on different sides of the fence.  Giannoulias and Brady are on the more liberal extreme (Democratic) and conservative extreme (Republican) of their respective parties.

What this really brought to my mind is that at the end of the day labels are NOT the most persuasive factor in political decisions. People strive to find the things that fit the way they “feel” and at the end of the day that is how things shake out.

Next election:  Who Will Be The Mayor?!

Cathie Cushing Duff

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