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What’s a print company doing with a blog?  Here are some goals: Share client success. Discuss marketing trends. Help you grow your business. You never know what you might find, but at a minimum, we’ll educate and put a smile on your face.

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Making Our Case

Did you know Cushing is Now CASE-Ready?

And it has nothing to do with suitcases, packing your bags or going on a trip. With deep roots in the Chicago community, it only makes sense that we’d take the steps to get involved. Comprised of  “sixteen prominent public, private, non-profit and cultural…

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Private Eyes to Privacy Film

There is a classic song by Hall & Oate’s (well, aren’t they all classics? After all, they called themselves the Beatles of the 80’s.)

Once played, of course, it gets stuck in your head and soon you’re yearning for the days of MTV (when they still played music), Family Ties and…

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October Surprise

OK, I blinked and the summer went by – in that time we completed dozens of installations, had a company party, launched several website videos, hosted a group here at Cushing and so much more.

Welcome to the quasi-fall From the Flatbed – if you follow this blog, then you know…

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Baiting the Hook

With Facebook clamping down on Clickbait, we thought it would be fun to come up with examples you would see to promote a printing company.

Of course, we have never used any of these (here’s a take on the classics we stumbled across and had to share) – so we felt it…

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The Path to the PageWide

Cushing’s latest color printer produces 30 posters a minute!

It’s an incredible feeling to hear business associates and industry contacts say: “your team really keeps up with technology”. I am always thankful, humble and truthfully, I quietly agree.  We are pretty adept and lucky to be alive after several shifts in our…

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Digital Versus Offset Printing a Friendly Main Event

Here’s a scenario. You need to mail out 5,000 postcards to your clients, alerting them to a new retail space available (Cushing provides a number of solutions for commercial real estate printing). You set up the file, draft an email to your local digital printer, and as you are about…

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