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Cushing Named A Wide Format and Signage Top Shop for 2017

Technology and the exploding availability of unique products have put vibrant color and creativity into the hands of every individual and organization that wants to make a statement. Branded environments and wall graphics, bold corporate branding and corporate histories, marketing materials that catch the public eye – it’s such an…

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Our Printed Past and Future

Some Famous Signatures

Celebrating July 4, it got me thinking about a delicate sheet of paper that means to many things to so many people, in the United States and beyond. What would happen if the Declaration of Indpendence had been printed today?

In the eighteen century the Declaration of…

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Custom Wall Graphics Galore

A Very Brief History of Custom Wall Graphics 

Recently, we ran a poll to find out if visitors knew it was part of our service offerings.

We Asked – You Responded

More than half didn’t realize what they were or that we offered them.

Not long ago the idea of customized wall…

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New Year’s Print Resolutions

Breaking New Year’s Resolutions

Who doesn’t love New Year’s? Flip the calendar, shake off the noise makers and straight ahead is a fresh start. It also means list after list after list of resolutions are making the rounds from friends, relatives and perfect strangers.

Cushing is guilty as well!

At our…

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Print Connection

There was a wonderful woman’s dress shop on Michigan Avenue in the eighties called Forgotten Women.  They carried beautifully made clothes by national and local designers, and once a year I would treat myself to a GREAT dress or suit with the excuse that I needed to keep my professional…

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A Heart Wallming Story

Dec of Cards
Doesn’t it seem wall décor printing is creeping up everywhere?

Actually, I think it’s a great buzzword for an application that has been around longer than you might think.

While trending all over Chicago, Cushing has been printing wall murals and creating custom wallpaper for years. Of course, it was…

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