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Taking a Stand With Banners & Backdrops

Spring is upon us – although as marketers, branding is a year round effort, right?

Easter weekend is a great reminder: we should never put all your marketing eggs, I mean, efforts into one basket.

Let’s talk about banner stands and backdrops. They are often overlooked as a lasting and cost-effective marketing tool. If you have not used a banner stand for efforts, fit them into your Spring (into Summer) promotion.

Original Remarketing

Banner stands usually come with a sturdy base & don’t take up much space. Placed in retail shops, behind counters or at the end of aisles, they become such a powerful sales tool. Promote your email newsletter, shopping online or use for seasonal promotions. Encourage shoppers to text an SMS short code for immediate specials.  Do you have a loyalty program? List information!

Banner Stands Brand Retail Interiors

Keep Customers Engaged When Visiting Your Store

Use remarketing in your promotions? Long before it was buzzing banner stands were the original remarketing tool. Quick summary:  Remarketing allows you to deliver advertising on platforms, such as LinkedIn & Facebook, after customers leave a website.  For example: have a new promotion? Place an eye-catching stand at the front of your store so people see promotions if they are exiting.

The right promotion may get them to step back INTO the shop.

Terrific Traditional Uses

Banner stands are a staple at trade shows, conferences and large events. Before starting at Cushing, that’s the only purpose I knew. Don’t just throw a logo and bookend your trade show booth. Include product images, or create a special website url, i.e.: cushing.com/showpromotion and display it.

Trade Show Graphics & Banner Stands

Trade Show Graphics & Banner Stands

Talk about how you use them for your own marketing efforts and ask them what works for their business. My point: it keeps the dialogue going – 100% you are at a trade show to talk with new customer prospects. Use your branded stand as part of it!

In the Office

Have a new product, promotion or internal campaign running at your office? (Perhaps you support a non-profit such as City of Hope?) Banner stands don’t always need to attract new customers. Backdrops communicate what you have going on in-house. Promote internal happenings – upcoming team building events or company party.

Banner Stand Posted In Library Setting


Most hardware is reusable: swap these out to company news throughout the year.

When not sharing internal communications, use them at trade shows!

Socially Accepted

As social media grows, banner stands and backdrops are part of the conversation. Let’s say you have an event planned. Branded backdrops are great for events photos – and a great way to get people together for photos. Encourage your guests to do the same – and share them once the celebration wraps. Be sure to have plenty of banner stands in the background.

Step And Repeats Enhance Events and Celebrations

Step & Repeats Create Smiles and Photo Opportunities

Why? If you had donors or sponsors listed, what a great way to PROVE your efforts generated exposure. Stands enhance events, indoors and outdoors.

Website Too

Those same images should end up in a news, community or product section. Do you have a team page? Write a blog about the event and use the images – share the blog on social media where your banner stands will be viewed in the digital world all over again.

Banner Stands Are Useful at Outdoor Festivals


If you’re in business, chances are budget is (and always is) a concern.

There are a variety of banner stand options – while difference stands have different variables, a majority are $500 or less (some are more – all depends on needs). For the type of brand exposure you receive – and how long they can last – it is a sound investment.

Brands, large and growing, use banners and backdrops because they can be an inexpensive fit for outreach.


Retractable MLB Banner Stand

Brands, large and small, incorporate backdrops and banner stands into their outreach.

Questions on exact pricing are available through the quote team.

What about you? We’d like to hear your experience using branded backdrops and stands.

Jon Davis

Jon Davis is Cushing’s Marketing Manager. From blogging to online communications, Jon writes about client developments, environmental branding, and much more. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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