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Step & Repeats We Would Like to See

A Step & What?

A Step & Repeat displays one or more logos (or images) in a “step” or alternating diagonal

Step & Repeat Enhances a Party

Step & Repeats plus people equal FUN!

pattern. Celebrities pose in front of them while the paparazzi do their job. Funny thing is they are hitting the mainstream and you can see these banners complementing corporate parties and employee events.

While they have an elegant simplicity, there is an art to the Step and Repeat and they add something special to every kind of event.

Besides, who doesn’t want a pic of themselves looking fabulous in front of one for their Facebook or LinkedIn profile pic?

Plenty of signage has come through our production shop so it had us thinking—below are 7 Step & Repeat’s we’d like to see.

1. Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers Football rivalry at its finest…BEAR DOWN! One fan base says ‘da’ instead of ‘the’. The other has a contingent of Cheeseheads donning birthday suits when the weather is in single digits. Can you imagine the shocked gazes of Bears and Packer nation if this Step & Repeat was unveiled during Monday Night Football? Or better yet, Superbowl halftime?

2. Emoji’s or Emoticons These days it’s pretty easy to express how we’re feeling through Facebook, text, Twitter, and on and on, why not a Step & Repeat loaded with these ubiquitous icons? We add them to our photo posts anyway. Insert smiley face.

3. Iconic Musicians If you polled a room, I bet it would be challenging to find someone who hasn’t plastered a poster of their favorite musician or group on their bedroom wall. From the Beatles to Biggie and Madonna to Lady Gaga, the debate could take years and we could probably line the Great Wall of China with a billion Step & Repeat Banners. Hmm, this one is ripe for rivalry as well (Kanye and 50 Cent anyone?).

4. European Logos For decades, Americans have envied the style of Europeans. Remember that friend who studied abroad in college and came back with long hair and zip-ups with sweet never-before-seen logos? Yeah! So how about putting those logos on a backdrop with your skinny tie and skinny jeans. OK, we won’t go that far, but there’s something to be said about being unique and vogue.

5. Instagram Photos Everyone’s a photographer these days thanks to this app. And there are actually some amateurs out there who take some incredible photos. Be your own muse and display those shots on a Step and Repeat Banner. #strikeapose #instalike #picoftheday

6. High End Sports Car Emblems We’re not talking about the ones you see on TV. We’re talking about the ones you see in rare magazines parked next door to Puff Daddy’s crib. Striking, exotic logos. Bugatti, Ferrari, Maybach. Nothing says class like the cars the stars and athletes drive!

7. Famous Locations What better way to make use of the 3,000 pictures you snapped during your latest vacation? Whether you saw the Eifel tower in Paris, the Abbey Road in London or saw the mountain ranges in Colorado, these notable locations would make a beautiful backdrop.

If you are interested in learning more about this type of promotional item, contact us.

Cushing can print your signage and provide hardware; we have tons of experience and our customers are always satisfied (check, check, check!).

What are some Step & Repeat’s you would like to see? Add them to the comments box below!

Valerie Solver

Valerie is Cushing’s Senior Marketing Coordinator and has been with Cushing over five years, starting off in the Accounting Department, ultimately deciding to major in Marketing at DePaul University. The Problem ‘Solver’ manages Cross Media Campaign development among other duties. Out of the office, Valerie is doing yoga, trying out new restaurants, spending time among family and friends while enjoying the city life. Click here to see her Google

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