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Ballgame to Blueprint

With the baseball regular season coming to an end, it seemed like the right time to share a story. Batter up!

Last January, I was in search of one more item to complete a birthday gift for my boyfriend. Buying gifts can be challenging since I put a little pressure on myself.…

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Every Little Bit Helps

Today marks the 44th anniversary of Earth Day! The theme is Green Cities, inspiring millions of people to create a sustainable, healthy environment by greening communities worldwide.

At Cushing, we operate from an environmentally and socially responsible perspective and make it mandatory to recycle among many other initiatives. Read on to…

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St. Printer’s Day

With St. Patrick’s day celebrations in full swing, did you spot all the printing and promotion?

Leading up to the special day, bars, clubs and restaurants post flyers and shamrocks to promote parties, specials and spread the Chi-rish spirit .

Even with green beer goggles, there is no escaping the banners, flags and…

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Step & Repeats We Would Like to See

A Step & What?

A Step & Repeat displays one or more logos (or images) in a “step” or alternating diagonal

Step & Repeats plus people equal FUN!

pattern. Celebrities pose in front of them while the paparazzi do their job. Funny thing is they are hitting the mainstream and you…

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The Printy City

Summer’s here, the temperature is on the rise and I’ve been basking in the warm glow of

Large format printing project Cushing produced

the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Victory (OK, I mean the summer sun!).  Taking advantage of the weather, lately I have been skipping the ‘L’ ride on…

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