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Summer of CMYK

Are those really Cushing team members on the set of Weekend Update, in the featured image above?

A few members of our team stopped by Museum of Broadcast Communications this summer to check out The SNL Experience.

Time truly flies when you’re having fun (and busy with all sort of activities, in and outside the office.) From an exhibition table at a Choose Chicago partner showcase to an interactive panel at Chicago Design Museum, there’s been no shortage of happenings at this display graphics company.

You could say its been a summer of CMYK …
Flush with interesting fonts …
And of course, plenty of pixels…

This is our latest edition of From The Flatbed: a quick digest of happenings in and around Cushing! Hope you’ll check it out!

A.I. (Awesome Information) 

Matt Chiera of IceNineOnline presented on Artificial Intelligence and Marketing.

Summer of CMYK 2 Matt Chiera Presents

He discussed opportunities to leverage A.I. for outreach such as generating sales and supporting customer service.

Friendly Confines (With Great Clients!)

Thanks to Wright Heerema Architects & Horizon Realty Group for joining us for some fun at the ballpark!

Summer of CMYK 3 At The Ballpark

That’s David Parkes and Christine Fetting from Cushing taking in the action at the ballpark.

Rise and Shine

Members of the business development and marketing teams made their way to a Bisnow Breakfast.

Summer of CMYK 4 Bisnow Breakfast

The panel covered a hot topic of adaptive reuse and design. Speaking of panels …

Co-host with the Most

Cushing had the opportunity to co-host a panel at Chicago Design Museum. Here’s the promotional graphic.

Summer of CMYK 5 CHIDM Thursday July 19 e1533066856720

And a photo with our panelists, including Cushing’s own Josette O’Neil! Awesome job Josette.

Summer of CMYK 6 Panelists at Chicago Design Museum

Printmas In July?

No! a bunch of birthday celebrations.

Summer of CMYK 7 July Birthdays

Jake, Matt, Sharika and Josette celebrate birthdays this month along with teammates William, Randy and Abi.

Critical Critique

Cushing’s website was part of a site critique event at Orbit Media (they helped us with our own redesign.)

Summer of CMYK 8 Cushing Site Critique at Wine and Web

That’s Andy Crestodina opening the conversation up and the Cushing homepage waiting to be critiqued!

You Have a Right to Choose

Sales and Marketing worked a table at the Choose Chicago Partner Showcase.

Summer of CMYK 9 Jon and Erik

We connected with new contacts and saw existing clients too!

Coming Up ACES

What an honor to be included in the ACE Mentor Program Social Media brainstorm.

Summer of CMYK 10 Ace Brainstorm Group Photo

Great people, conversation and ideas!

Thanks for reading and finding out more about what’s been on the di-bond (oops – docket) at Cushing. Let us know if we can help with anything or if you are looking for partner on an upcoming event or discussion!

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