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Life of a Print, Workshop to Wall

Andrew Miller is a photographer who captures unique images around Chicago (one even ended up covered by the Huffington Post!) Cushing asked him to share some observations from a printing course he took last year. Miller discusses fine art paper, color profiles and his passion below.

Last fall I attended…

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Don’t be a Wall (Office Décor) Flower

Everything that can be done with a large format printer has been done

Expanding print services are a thing of the past.

Communication pieces are all going digital – no one needs office décor printing!

You could have fooled us.  And the energetic group of architects, designers and decorators who trekked to Cushing’s…

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Swift Kick to the Head

You are an aspiring creative person and perhaps, like many folks, have a wealth of ideas and dearth of dollars.

Toiling away on your opus with dreams of sharing this masterwork with the world, reality set in: you are flat broke.

How broke?

You inspired Merriam Webster to include the term starving artist in their first edition.

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March Into Marketing

Why did it seem every Meetup I joined ceased meeting?

Weeks away from moving to Chicago, I started researching Meetup communities to network with other marketing professionals. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) groups, marketing groups, copywriting groups; it seemed there were many out there getting together to discuss interesting topics but:

The landscape was…

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Five Common Printing Setup Errors to Avoid

Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? If not, allow me to give you a quick synopsis (and please get Netflix or visit the video store, it’s a classic).

Egocentric weatherman, Phil Connors, finds himself re-living Groundhog Day. At first, he is annoyed but ultimately realizes he should use the experience to…

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