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Raising the Bar

A pinch of color.

Mix in matte paper.

Add a little gloss and fire up the flatbed.

No, this isn’t a new cooking show; just a recipe for great looking printed materials.  And at Protein Bar, printed collateral looks just as delicious as the entrée you order.

Raising the Bar 1 WW store Menus on Display 300x232

Menus on Display at Protein Bar

Fresh Approach

Protein Bar serves flavorful food in a hip and trendy environment.  Restaurants are set up for quality, style and speed. No matter the meal, from breakfast to a quick snack, they are changing the way people eat on the go.

How did Cushing connect with these healthy eating heroes? It started with a response to an email newsletter and the two concepts have been collaborating ever since.


Full Plate

Protein Bar is not your typical restaurant and they practice what they eat… oops, preach!

“We have representatives in our Chicago, Colorado and DC markets participating in fun, local events with a focus on health,” says Dorey Kronick, Style and Design Manager at Protein Bar. “It is a mix of marathons, fundraisers and festivals, sharing the health with those who may not be aware of Protein Bar.”

Close knit team members are serious about healthy eating and living. Occasionally, staff attends fitness classes together and some even dabble in painted yoga.  You might also find them feeding musicians at Lollapalooza!

Protein Bar Team Photo

Protein Bar Team Photo

The Works

From business cards to window graphics and flyers, Cushing has assisted Protein Bar with all types of print projects.

One item that makes a major impact is that we all take for granted… You know what it is, and you may have:

  • Spilled coffee on one
  • Let your kids draw all over them
  • Or in a pinch, scrawled down an important phone number.

Hopefully you are able to find an item you want to order on them…That’s right: MENUS!

Thousands of hungry customers dine at Protein Bar daily and many are in a hurry. With 17 locations spanning Chicago, Washington DC, and Colorado, printed menus are a critical part of communicating available meal options.  Every Protein Bar location uses both take-away and handheld laminated menus to showcase available meal options.

It’s a vital part of the customer experience, especially for patrons trying the healthy concept for the very first time.  The menu tells the Protein Bar story and details nutritious offerings from Signature Blended Drinks to their Protein Bar-ritos.

Protein Bar Restaurant Trifold Menus

Protein Bar Restaurant Trifold Menus

No matter what direction this evolving restaurant concept is headed, Cushing provides personalized attention after the order button.

“Some of the projects that we think are ready for print and send to Cushing actually end up needing an unanticipated last-minute change,” Dorey mentions. “Cushing always works with us in a timely manner to make sure that even these last-minute changes are appropriately made, and that everything gets to where it needs to go, when it needs to be there.”

Of course, each print ready file that is submitted whets our appetites!

Looking to expand your palette? Check our Protein Bar. And don’t forget to pick up a take-away menu while you’re there!

While you’re here, explore a growing mix of restaurant print marketing solutions the Cushing team offers.

Jon Davis

Jon Davis is Cushing’s Marketing Manager. From blogging to online communications, Jon writes about client developments, environmental branding, and much more. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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