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The What and the Why of Giclee

More and more fine artists are marketing high-quality prints of original works, thanks to advancements in the digital realm. If you’ve just started the process of figuring out the best path forward in providing prints of your own, you’ve probably come across the term Giclée.

If you’ve wondered what giclée printing can…

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Every Little Bit Helps

Today marks the 44th anniversary of Earth Day! The theme is Green Cities, inspiring millions of people to create a sustainable, healthy environment by greening communities worldwide.

At Cushing, we operate from an environmentally and socially responsible perspective and make it mandatory to recycle among many other initiatives. Read on to…

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Why Are You Still Using .EPS?

In January, we hosted a Lunch & Learn that covered designing files for printing projects and the Adobe suite of solutions. Taught by Michael Riordan, an Adobe Certified Instructor and owner of Digital DesignLab, the response was positive and we pulled him (kicking and typing) into contributing a blog!

Riordan dives…

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Custom Wall Graphics Galore

A Very Brief History of Custom Wall Graphics 

Recently, we ran a poll to find out if visitors knew Cushing offered custom wall graphics.

More than half didn’t realize what they were or that we offered them.

Not long ago the idea of customized wall paper was reserved for affluent organizations. Sophisticated printers…

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5 Email Marketing Content Tips

Did you know a whopping 91 percent of consumers use email daily to stay connected?

An interesting statistic which tells me no matter how solid your email open rates and click activity are, don’t get complacent.

Are we advocating just sending any old content to your email subscribers?

No. If you don’t provide…

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